iPhone 8 wireless charging tool sold separately: Source

Wireless charging comes at a separate price tag and will be out on a later date, says tipster.

iPhone 8 rumours are all over the smartphone industry since late 2016 and are expected to go on until the device comes out in October. While Apple has been a little frustrated of all the iPhone 8 leaks coming out in the recent months, a new set of details of the much-anticipated device has just been revealed and they pertain to its supposed wireless charging.

Well-known serial tipster John Gruber took to Twitter Saturday to announce two details of the iPhone 8's wireless charging capability which he claimed coming from reliable sources. According to Gruber, the wireless or inductive charging tool of the phone will be sold as a single item. He added this technology will come later than the first rollout of the phone due to the release of iOS 11 which is reportedly happening far ahead of October.

While this announcement remains invalidated, some critics are skeptical of the idea that the inductive charger will have to wait for an operating system to roll out. Nevertheless, this similar scenario had happened last year with the Portrait Mode feature in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which came about only later in the year.

If wireless charging comes at a separate price, then it is safe to expect that the conventional USB port charging will still be available on the iPhone 8. In the meantime, it continues to be a debate in this technology space that is getting smarter each passing time, that inductive charging is not "real" wireless charging as the device needs to sit on top of a charging device to harvest power through induction.

Industry experts suggested before that a wireless charging is true in truest sense when a device uses RF technology to gather power. As of now, this technology has not been so progressive yet, although it can now charge devices up within a 15-feet range.