'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' episode 20 spoilers: Kim Seul Gi to make cameo appearance

Her character will bring some much needed laughter to the finale.

Kim Seul Gi
Actress Kim Seul-Gi instagram.com/s911010

Cast member of tvN's 'Saturday Night Live Korea,' Kim Seul-Gi will be making a cameo appearance in SBS's highly popular fantasy-romance drama 'The Legend of the Blue Sea.'

Website Soompi reports that an SBS insider source revealed on January 23 that the actress will play a special character in the final episode of the drama. "Kim Seul Gi will be appearing as a surprising character in the last episode of SBS's Wednesday-Thursday drama, 'The Legend of the Blue Sea,'" the source told reporters on Monday.

It was also mentioned that the actress who hails from Busan, had already finished filming her scenes for the final episode. Her character, whose identity is as yet unknown, will be comedic and will bring laughter to the finale which is otherwise expected to be not devoid of sadness, loss and tragedy.

With Seul-gi's casting, she joins the other actors who have all starred in cameo capacities in the beloved drama about a mermaid. Actors Cha Tae Hyun, Jo Jung Suk, Ahn Jae Hong, Im Won Hee, and Jung Yoo Mi have all played important characters in the drama, and Kim Seul Gi's will hopefully have similar importance within the legend as well.

In episode 20 the fate of Shim Cheong and Heo Joon-jae, played by Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Min-ho respectively, will be revealed. Many expect history to repeat itself, leading to the death of the two like it happened in the ancient time. Goblin ended in tragedy as well. However, even amid all the sadness, there was a bittersweet reunion; a glimmer of hope amid all the pain. Perhaps 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' will follow the same path, giving the audience a bittersweet ending.

One need not be expecting the worst for episode 20 as some positive developments took place in episode 19. It was revealed that Jo Nam-doo, played by actor Lee Hee-joon, was a good person who had punished the evil characters in their past life. Also, Chi-hyun and his mother Kang Seo-hee failed in the evil plans and were arrested for attempted murder of Shim Cheong. Chi-hyun commits suicide by gulping down poison.

However, as Shim Cheong took the bullet to save Joon-jae, she was getting weaker and dying. Joon-jae understands that he has to let her go back to the seas o she'll die. In the end it is hinted that the mermaid might be headed back to the sea. It may be better to survive with a little pain, knowing one's beloved is safe far away than watching them die in the arms of their lover.

The finale to 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' airs on January 25 at 10 p.m. Korean Standard Time (KST).

This article was first published on January 24, 2017