Legend of the Blue Sea
Lee Min-ho and Na Young-hee in 'Legends of the Blue Sea.' facebook.com/LegendOfTheBlueSeaKdrama/

The SBS mermaid drama, Legend of the Blue Sea is almost on its way to finale. Fans are eager to know what will happen to their favourite characters and will there be a happy ending or not.

Meanwhile, earlier today, episode 20 spoilers were leaked online. Rumors started circulating about what will happen to Joon Jae and Shim Chung after the dramatic episode 19.

According to Inquisitr, Ma Dae Young and Kang Ji Yeon might reunite in the finale of the series. This theory came up possibly due to the latest episode as Jo Nam Doo is apparently an enemy from the past. As only Sung Song Il is aware of it, fans are uncertain if it can still change the destiny.

Speculations about the return of Shim Chung as a mermaid were also made. After the last episode, another character stuck in the minds of the viewers', that is, Yoo Na. Allegedly, she will discover the mermaid's thoughts in the episode 20 of Legend of the Blue Sea.

According to those theories it is even expected that she is to play a major role in the relationship of Shim Chung and Joon Jae.

From the very beginning of the series Legend of the Blue Sea has always got high ratings and huge popularity among the viewers.

According to Soompi, for this week, its nationwide audience share in South Korea reached 21 percent. Not only that, the series also topped in a brand reputation study, recently which was based on media coverage, online buzz and marketing promotions.

In other news, the SBS mermaid series recently revealed some behind-the-scenes clips on their official Twitter page. The footage revealed Jun Ji Hyun's preparation for the role of mermaid.

The fantasy drama will be ending on 25 January. Legend of the Blue Sea airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS at 10 pm KST.