Goblin last ever party: What the cast and crew are doing after the series wraps up

Kim Go-eun blows candles and summons Gong Yoo.

Goblin wrap party
Cast and crew of 'Goblin' at its wrap party. youtube.com/flow501475

It's a wrap! 'Goblin: The Lonely and Great God' ended its story on a bittersweet note on January 21. It was no doubt a tale told well and ended well. To celebrate the success of their supernatural romance drama, the cast and crew arranged their last ever party. And they certainly made sure to have fun. The cast also attended BTOB's concert earlier that day.

Website Soompi notes that following the airing of the final episode of 'Goblin,' also known as 'Guardian,' the cast and crew held a wrap party on January 22 at a restaurant in Seoul. South Korean actor Jung Young-ki shared a video on his Instagram page, in which we can see Kim Go-eun, Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na and Lee-El from the cast of the 'Goblin' present, in addition to many other crew and supporting cast from the tvN drama.

The video, also found on Youtube but shot from a different angle, shows Yoo In-na who was missing from the first video. Kim Go-eun is blowing a set of candles on a cake, probably a strawberry flavoured one. As she blows all the candles, Gong Yoo appears on the scene. Of course this was a light-hearted throwback to Eun-tak and the Goblin's lighter and more romantic moments in an otherwise grim drama that muses on the nature of mortality.

Kim Go-eun, as sprightly and beaming with life as always, asks Gong Yoo to hide under the table for him to magically appear when she blows the candles. It seems she's as childlike and playful as her fictional counterpart in the recently concluded drama. Gong Yoo seems happy to obilge and does just that while the entire room cheers them and clap.

The video also shows that Kim Go-eun and Gong Yoo have a very nice friendship. It's also nice to see Gong Yoo smile because he's almost always been a melancholic character in 'Goblin.' To think about it, he also played a melancholic father with lots of regret in 'Train to Busan.' It feels good to know, especially from various behind-the-scenes videos, that he is jovial human being, very unlike the lonely God he played recently.

Kim Go-eun also shared a photo taken by her, from the same part, showing actors Yoo In-na and Lee El seated at a table, probably having their dinner. Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun and Dong-wook also attended BTOB's concert on the same day, reports Allkpop. "The 'Goblin' actors came to BTOB's concert on the 22nd. Sungjae himself didn't know they were coming. He only heard afterward. When he heard, he said he was thankful. The cast came to watch the beginning parts of the concert before they went to celebrate the end of the drama. Sungjae also went to the party after he finished the concert." Hopefully they'll all remain in touch together and possibly get another chance to work with each other again, if not in this life then perhaps in their next life reincarnations.

Even though 'Goblin' has officially ended, two new special episodes will be aired on February 3 and 4 respectively, as per Soompi. They'll contain bloopers, interviews and other behind-the-scenes stuff. The 'Goblin' slot will be occupied by new tvN sci-fi romance drama 'Tomorrow, With You,' which deals with the consequences of time travel. It stars Lee Je-hoon and Shin Min-a in lead roles.

This article was first published on January 24, 2017