DSP Media's Talks with Hyunjoo Fail over Bullying Controversy; to Take Legal Action Against her Family

The talks between Hyunjoo and the DSP Media over bullying allegations made by the actress against the former members of her April group have failed following another scandalous post surrounding the issue made by a person claiming to be the victim's brother. The agency has now decided to take legal action against her along with her family members.

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The company had met Hyunjoo and her family members after the allegations of bullying were made against the members of the April group, recently. The DSP was pushing for a peaceful resolution to solve the issue amicably, while the actress wanted the company to release a different statement with an apology.

However, another post on social media in connection with this controversy by her alleged brother on 3 March did not go well with the DSP Media which has now decided to take legal action against the actress and her family members.

"Even after the revelations made by Lee Hyunjoo's family and the person claiming to be her classmate during her school days, we met with Hyunjoo and her mother twice in an attempt to fulfill our duty to our artist.

Lee Hyunjoo insisted that she was the victim, and shared a very one-sided version of her facts, and demanded us to release a different statement on our position. We wanted to continue the discussions, but the person claiming to be Hyunjoo's younger brother made another post on March 3, and we weren't able to continue the conversation anymore." the DSP Media is quoted as saying by Koreaboo in a statement.

The company has further added that it wanted to protect all the parties concerned with the issue, but now it has decided to take a legal route. The press release ends on the note with an apology to the fans.

The Latest Allegations on the Issue (March 3)

In the second post, the person claiming to be her brother had slammed the company's first response to the allegations made by them in the previous post. The latest post alleges about the DSP turning a blind eye when she had complained about the bullying during her stint as a member of APRIL group. According to the victim's brother, it had persuaded to stay her in the group despite Hyunjoo clearly expressing her wish to be an actress.

The post mentions about the company failing to give necessary medical help when she had collapsed due to stress. The DSP Media wanted her to attend the Tinkerbell promotions although her health was not in good conditions due to which she had made a suicide attempt.

DSP's First Response

In a detailed press release, it stated that Hyunjoo was unable to participate in the team activities due to mental and physical problems and other members had suffered "damage" due to some conflicts. The statement blames the circumstances for the issues rather than holding anybody responsible for it.

It added, "Hyunjoo ultimately expressed that she wanted to leave the group during the "Tinkerbell" promotions. We tried to dissuade her, but she was adamant. We feel responsible for the hard time that Hyunjoo and the other members suffered during this period.

Since then, we have provided full support for the acting activities that Hyunjoo wanted. We also supported her wish to be an idol after that. It is true that we provided all possible support for her activities in the field she wanted after she left the group."

The Allegations in the First Post

This clarification comes after a person claiming to be her brother made allegations of his sister facing hard times from the other members of the group and the agency. His post read, "She was bullied and ostracized in the group, and due to that, she suffered from many things like panic disorder and breathing difficulties. She even tried to take her own life."

Hyunjoo Controversy
The viral letter written by the person claiming to ber Hyunjoo's brother. Social Media Site