Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae have been dating since 2015 Reuters

The popular Korean star Lee Min Ho will soon be starting his military service. As a source from MYM Entertainment on April 18 spoke said, "Lee Min Ho will start his military service as a public service worker at Gangnam District Office in Seoul on May 12. He is planning on enlisting quietly." The actor, therefore recently talked about his feelings as his military enlistment approaches.

According to Soompi, in an interview with @star1 magazine's May issue, he revealed how he feels about his impending enlistment by stating, "I thought I would be totally cool with it and I thought it would be nothing. But I do feel a bit sad, too." He clarified, "It's not about the fact that I have to enlist that makes me sad, but the fact that I'm at the end of my 20s."

Though, Min Ho agrees to the fact that enlisting late made him who he is today. He said,"If I'd gone early, I wouldn't have been cast in 'Boys Over Flowers' and my 20s probably wouldn't have been as happy. I personally think that going later was a good choice for me."

The actor also added, "I'm lucky to have acted during a great era and I was able to get a lot of love overseas, and I'm happy that I was able to contribute to hallyu in my own way."

The actor also mentioned about the toughest challenge he feels on being a soldier by saying, "Having a routine is going to be a great challenge for me in itself."

He didn't forget about his supporters, saying, "I feel all the fans' sadness and their support. I'd like to come back healthy and heal them again with a great project."