"Strong Woman Do Bong Soon" actress Park Bo Young revealed about her feelings as the drama ended and revealed more about herself during an interview on April 18. According to Soompi, the actress feels that the drama is not yet over. She mentions that she felt a little bit emotional when they watched the last episode together and everyone clapped and hugged each other after it was over.

The actress while sharing about herself mentioned that she is a person with low self-esteem and is quite similar to her character Bong Soon. Just as her character in the drama gained confidence, she too felt that she is gaining confidence and that's why she enjoyed doing it so much.

Park Bo Young explained as to why she has low self-esteem by stating, "I think it's something that developed as I continued to work [in this industry]. I am always thinking about how I appear to others and there is a burden that comes with that. Even when I receive compliments, to me they just sound like things people say to be nice to me. So, at the beginning of the year, instead of a resolution like 'I'll do this many projects this year,' I made a resolution to believe in myself more and to love myself more."

When the actress was asked why she is not in social media she responded saying, "My fans are always upset because I don't do projects frequently and because I don't use social media. So, lately, I've been using V Live to interact with my fans. Since V Live is a broadcast, I'm able to think about what I want to say and always try to think about what I should and shouldn't say on a broadcast."

She also added that she is not as careful as she looks like and that's why she chooses not to do social media. Also, according to her she is gets influenced by her feelings easily and will be impulsively acting on her emotions. Instead, she writes a journal every day.