Lee Kwang Soo of Running Man fame in talks to play leading role in upcoming film

Lee Kwang Soo hs not only returned to Running Man show after taking a break due to accident and injury, now he is in talks to play leading role in an upcoming movie, say reports

South Korean actor Lee Kwang Soo who has appeared in a supporting role in many dramas and movies is now in talks to play a leading role in the upcoming movie Gwanghwamun Jealousy Fight (temporary title), say reports. Lee Kwang Soo's agency (King Kong) representative is said to have told that the actor is currently positively looking over an offer to appear in the film. Nothing has been decided yet, reported Soompi.

The movie Gwanghwamun Jealousy Fight is produced by 26 Company has stated that the work on the movie has been postponed due to coronavirus outbreak and lockdown. The company has not yet finalized the date of shooting the movie and the crew is still monitoring the situation before taking any decision. The movie is about a couple the plot revolves around four people and the love and jealously between them. Lee Won Shik of "A Boy's Sister" and "Traveler from the North fame will direct the movie.

Reports also claimed that talks are on to cast Lee Kwang Soo in the sequel of the movie "The Pirates." This movie had become a box office hit in South Korea. Kwang Soo's recent movie "Sinkhole," starring along with alongside Cha Seung Won, Kim Sung Kyun, and Go Chang Suk is all set for release this year.

Lee Kwang Soo accident

Lee Kwang Soo
Lee Kwang Soo Facebook/KingkongENT

Recently, Kwang Soo met with an accident and got injured in February. The regular cast of Running Man show, Kwang Soo took a break from the shooting for some weeks. Kwang Soo met with an accident on February 15 and was operated upon (minor surgery) on February 18 as he suffered fracture in his right ankle. Kwang Soo was on a personal schedule, travelling in his car when another car that violated traffic signals hit his vehicle, resulting in the injury.

He then returned to the sets of Running Man and appeared on the March 22 episode. Kang Daniel, actresses Lee Il Hwa, Hwang Young Hee, and comedienne Park Mi Sun were also part of the show. Kwang Soo, just back from treating his injuries cut rice cake and encouraged others who were taking part in the race.