Lee Joon Suk and IU Write Heartfelt Letters to Fans After Confirming their relationship

Lee Joon Suk and IU wrote heartfelt letters to their fans after confirming their romantic relationship. The Korean celebrity couple communicated with their followers through the fan cafes. They began their letters greeting the fans and then addressed the dating news.

In their warm letters to the fans, Lee Joon Suk and IU apologized to their fans for keeping their relationship a secret. The couple also praised each other. Then they thanked the followers for all their love and support.

IU described Joon Suk as a reliable and cute person who has supported her for a long time. According to her, the actor always sent her sincere encouragement and told her she is an amazing person. The actress then said he is the reason for a surge in her passion for work and her pride.

They have started developing positive feelings towards one another while relying on each other, the actress explained.

The Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo star then apologized to the fans for keeping her relationship with the actor a secret. She also thanked them for all their support after hearing the dating news. She concluded her warm letter by sending New Year wishing the members of her fan club called UAENA.

Lee Joon Suk and IU
Lee Joon Suk and IU Instagram

Here is the Complete Letter from IU

Meanwhile, Joon Suk began his letter by apologizing to the fans for not writing a separate thank-you letter to them after receiving the year-end award. He also apologized for surprising his followers at the end of the year. The actor then thanked the fans for constantly sending him love and support.

In his letter, the actor said he began his romantic relationship with IU in his mid-20s, and it was beyond puppy love.

Joon Suk described IU as an amazing person who helps him on his path and concerns in life as a friend. She is a person he can rely on during difficult times. The actress is like someone he wants to protect, the actor added.

Here is the Complete Letter From Lee Jong Suk