Flower of Evil Finale Spoilers: Kim Ji Hoon Shocks as Psychopath in Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won Drama

Flower of Evil will air its final episode on September 23 and preview of the 16th episode shows psychopath killer Kim Ji Hoon shooting Lee Joong Gi

The ongoing drama Flower of Evil reached its highest viewership with airing of its 15th episode on September 17. The drama will air its final episode next week. Climax of the mystery thriller surprised viewers with revealing Kim Ji Hoon as the psychopath killer.

Before reading further, here is a warning, there are spoilers ahead.

The lead characters wrongly accused Lee Joong Gi playing Do Hyun Soo and his wife Moon Chae Won playing Ji Won, a police officer, have won praises for strong portrayal of their characters. But currently, people can't stop wondering about Kim Ji Hoon who plays Baek Hee Sung, recently revealed as the psychopath killer.

Kim Ji Hoon Flower of Evil
or Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won in the Korean drama Flower of Evil. Instagram

Kim Ji Hoon's Killer Transformation

The drama gets interesting as Kim Ji Hoon who was bed ridden for 18 years, transforms as a serial killer who aided Lee Joong Gi's father Do Min Suk, accused of brutal serial killings. tvN's Flower of Evil is full of mysteries and sub plots that leave audience with more questions after each episode.

The lead character of Flower of Evil, Do Hyun Soo lives with the false identity of Baek Hee Sung, even deceiving his detective wife. But when the real Baek Hee Sung (Kim Ji Hoon), who was bedridden, wakes up and demands his identity back, the drama gets darker and leads to revealing more secrets.

Currently drama revolves around Baek Hee Sung's psychopath nature. His family is in a shock when his mother finds knife in his room. The drama saw rise in ratings with the real Baek Hee Sung coming face to face with Do Hyun Soo, who is living with identity. The average rating of the drama recorded 5.5 percent and 6.2 percent for two parts of the penultimate episode.

Lee Joon Gi – Kim Ji Hoon Fight Trends

So much so the fight between the 'Baek Hee Sungs' even started trending on Naver's search engine, reported AllKpop. Netizens were seen commenting with words like legendary, crazy, scary tagging Kim Ji Hoon. Some even demanded an award for Kim Ji Hoon for playing the perfect serial killer who sent chills down their spine.

The preview to the last episode showed Lee Joong Gi being fatally shot by Kim Ji Hoon and Moon Chae Won desperate to save him. If the drama will have a happy ending or it will end with Lee Joong Gi paying price for using Kim Ji Hoon's identity to live his life is still a suspense. Evil of Flower will air its final episode on tvN on September 23 at 10:50 PM KST.