Is Lee Jong Suk Dating Kwon Nara? Actor Gifts 'Itaewon Class' Star Ferrari, Agency Refutes Claims

Known Nara joining Lee Jong Suk's A-MAN Project agency, the actor gifting the actress a Ferrari and frequent visits to 89 Mansion café have led to speculations of dating.

Reports claim that Romance Is A Bonus Book actor Lee Jong Suk and Itaewon Class actress Known Nara are dating. The actors have not confirmed the news yet, but rumors started flying after KBC entertainment reporter Kim Yong Ho in his YouTube channel claimed that Lee Jong Suk and Known Nara were in a relationship. Kim Yong Ho had claimed that Seo Ye Ji controlled Kim Jung Hyun when they were in a relationship.

Kim Young Ho also stated that Lee Jong Suk had gifted Kwon Nara a Ferrari car on her birthday on March 13. The rumors first started in 2019 but there was not much evidence for the same. But with Kim Yong Ho's revelation and pieces of evidences, netizens have started speculating that the news might be true. However, the agency that managers Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara have rubbished this as rumor.

Lee Jong Suk Known Nara
Reports claimed that actors Lee Jong Suk and Known Nara were in a relationship. Instagram

Coffee Truck from 89 Mansion Cafe

Known Nara became popular after her performance in the Park Seo Joon starrer drama Itaewon Class in 2020. During the filming, Nara posted a photo of her in front of the coffee truck sent to her. The truck was a gift to the actress from the coffee shop Cafe 89 Mansion. But with a little more digging it can be found that the café is owned by actor Lee Jong Suk. The actor might have sent the coffee truck through the café to avoid rumors.

There were also rumors that Lee Jong Suk met Hello Venus member Kwon Nara and invited her to join A-MAN Project, the agency he was serving as a CEO of the agency. But soon, A-MAN project issued clarification that Lee Jong Suk had resigned from the post of CEO of the agency in February 2019, before he enlisted for military service. The agency also denied dating rumors and clarified that Lee Jong Suk's younger brother Lee Jong Hyuk was registered as the executive director.

Known Nara Joins A-MAN Project

Lee Jong Suk entered the mandatory military service on March 8, 2019 and was discharged on January 2, 2021. A-MAN Project also clarified that Lee Jong Suk did not indulge in any profit-making ventures when in military service, including making Known Nara join his agency. Known Nara had joined A-MAN Project in June 2019, after Lee Jong Suk left for military service.

But it can be noted that Lee Jong Suk set up A-MAN Project in April 2018. He ran the company in partnership with his former agency YNK Entertainment and later went solo with it.

Despite the agency stating that relationship between Lee Jong Suk and Kwon Nara is that of senior and junior actor, various media outlets claimed that both were quite close. Reports claimed that Kwon Nara was spotted frequently at Lee Jong Suk owned 89 Mansion Cafe situated in Sinsadong in Seoul.

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