Actress Jeon Do Yeon Suffers Head Injury at Filming Set of Kill Bok-soon

Actress Jeon DonYeon has suffered a head injury while filming the upcoming Netflix film Kill Bok-soon. She suffered a laceration at the set, according to the insiders. The actress was taken to the hospital after the injury. She got stitches in the injured area, the source added.

The filming for the upcoming film was immediately suspended. The actress is reportedly back on set after taking a rest for two days. A representative stated that the injury was light, but everybody on the set was shocked.

"Fortunately, Jeon Do Yeon's injury was light, so it was a relief. However, people who were on the set were indeed shocked because she was the lead. Jeon Do Yeon returned to the scene after a few days of rest after hearing the doctor's opinion to rest for the time being, and filming is currently going smoothly", a representative stated.

Jeon Do Yeon
Actress Jeon Do Yeon suffered head injury while filming the upcoming Netflix film. Instagram

Do Yeon's agency released an official statement about the incident. "Along with receiving emergency treatment on set, actress Jeon Do Yeon went to the hospital right after the accident and received treatment and a detailed diagnosis. There have been no abnormal findings. We've adjusted the filming schedule for the actress's mental and physical stability. We apologize for causing concern", Management SOOP stated.

Kill Bok-soon is an action thriller film that revolves around a legendary assassin who renews his contract with a company. The movie is directed by Byun Sung Hyun of the Kingmaker and The Bully Party: The World of Bad Guys fame.

Do Yeon, who won the best actress award in Cannes for her appearance in the 2007 film Secret Sunshine, will portray a woman named Gil Bok-soon in the movie. She is a popular hired killer who struggles to maintain a work-life balance as a single mother to a girl, 15. She will seek a contract renewal from the assassination company.

The other lead cast members of Kill Bok-soon are Sol Kyung-gu as the head of the assassination company, Esom as Gil's younger sister, and the company rival, Koo Ko-hwan as a fellow assassin. The movie is expected to release next year.

This article was first published on April 7, 2022