Lauren Pazienza: Long Island Events Planner Mocks Deaf People in Video; Abused and Cheated Her Fiancé Naveen Pereira

Lauren Pazienza, the Long Island events planner accused of shoving an elderly Broadway piano coach to death was caught mocking deaf people in a video. Pazienza, who was also described as 'poster child for white privilege' by her friends, surrendered two days after her picture and videos were shared by the authorities.

The 26-year-old has been charged with manslaughter and second-degree assault on Tuesday even as her attorney complained that she was being targeted for her "socioeconomic status."

Lauren Pazienza
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Pazienza Made Weird Faces, Sound in the Video

In a video obtained by Daily Mail, Pazienza is seen twisting and making a bizarre face as she goes on to speak words in distorted voice. A friend told the outlet that the events planner was 'mocking deaf people' in the video.

Another video obtained by the outlet shows Pazienza acting weirdly in her dorm room as she goes on to open the zipper of her jacket to reveal the bra beneath.

Speaking to the outlet on the condition of anonymity, her former college classmates dubbed Pazienza as 'pure trouble,' and 'a danger,' who was prone to violence. They were together with the 26-year-old at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Describing Pazienza as the 'poster child for white privilege' one of her former friends said that she never faced any consequences in her life and was enabled by her parents who got her out of everything.

Stating that the accused had anger issues, a source told the outlet that she was a danger. "There's no way that she meant to kill a person. I don't think that for a minute. But I can totally see that if she was having a bad day and somebody was in front of her, walking too slow, she would push them. That's the kind of edge she has. She's a danger," the anonymous former friend told the outlet.

Pazienza Cheated on Her Fiancé While Dating

Following Pazienza's arrest reports surfaced about her fiancé Naveen Pereira, a consultant at Microsoft.

Calling Pazienza a cheater, the friend told the outlet that she was not a good person. "She has a fiancé, and she went to high school, and she went to college but none of these parts of her life were normal."

The source even revealed that Pazienza was unpredictable and confrontational besides being abusive to her boyfriend [now fiancé Naveen Pereira] on multiple occasions.

"She cheated on him multiple occasions. He was reserved and very kind and seemed annoyed with her when I met him and fearful of her. She was a very manipulative person," said the former friends.