Barbara Maier Gustern's Attacker Identified as Red-Haired Woman? Photos, Video Released by NYPD

The New York Police Department released images of the red-head woman accused of shoving Barbara Maier Gustern, a veteran Broadway singing coach, during an unprovoked attack in Manhattan. Gustern, who was put on life support following the severe injuries, died in the hospital on Tuesday.

Gustern is known to have coached Blondie singer Debbie Harry and a Broadway cast of "Oklahoma."

The woman suspected of shoving veteran Broadway singing coach Barbara Maier Gustern. Twitter

Gustern's Grandson Had Announced Her Death

In the incident which took place on March 10, the 87-year-old was on her way to Joe's Pub, to watch the performance of her student. As she came out of her building at West 28th Street and Eighth Avenue located in the Chelsea neighborhood, the attacker pushed her from behind. According to the authorities in the unprovoked attack, the unidentified woman cross the street to shove the coach.

Reportedly, Gustern was still conscious when the paramedics arrived. After she told the authorities that a woman attacked her, Gustern's condition went downhill. The police said that she had suffered severe injuries to her head. in a Facebook post, Gustern's grandson, AJ, wrote, "She has suffered traumatic damage to the left side of her brain, and has been unconscious the entire time. She is intubated and we are unclear how much she is able to breathe on her own."

Announcing her tragic death on Tuesday, AJ wrote, "Today, at 11:15AM, we have lost one of the brightest little flames to ever grace this world. I ask that you all give me a little time and space, but I want to make time for anyone and everyone who wants to know more about her final moments. Bobbob, I love you, you are and always will be my heart."

Who is the Woman Attacker?

Releasing the video and pictures of the alleged attacker, the NYPD sought public help in identifying the woman.

The footage shows the unidentified red-haired woman leaving the scene towards Ninth Avenue. The police described her as likely to be in 30s, wearing a black jacket, black leggings, a white skirt and dark colored shoes.

Social media users shared the image of the woman and sought help regarding her identification. "A very clear video of the attacker appears in the article. Surely someone knows her identity. PLEASE RE-TWEET so the person responsible for the death of Barbara Maier Gustern can be found by NYPD!" tweeted a user.

"The horrifying attack on Barbara Maier Gustern on W 28th St in Chelsea on Thurs 3/10 around 9 pm caused her tragic death. Please help identify the person of interest seen in video - & may Barbara Maier Gustern rest in peace," wrote another.