Lauren Boebert Compares Headaches with Covid-19; Suggests Others to Take Tylenol in Viral Tweet

Republican Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert was mocked online after she falsely compared headache with the deadly pandemic Covid-19. Boebert received brickbats on social media from several users who found her tweet insensitive.

Ever since the pandemic broke out, Boebert has remained critical of the vaccine.

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert Wikimedia Commons

Boebert Compares Tylenol to Covid-19 Vaccine

In the latest tweet, the controversial Republican wrote, "I woke up with a headache this morning. I took some Tylenol. Now if everyone else could take some Tylenol too so mine would start working, that would be great."

The post included a clip of the 1999 film "Office Space," where a character in a managerial position passes on instructions to his subordinate staff in the similar manner.

Boebert's tweet appeared to be mocking the vaccinated people who believe that others should also get vaccinated to contain the spread of the virus.

Boebert's tweet comes days after she was ridiculed for misspelling 'impeach' while calling for U.S. President Joe Biden to be impeached. Lashing out at Biden, the gun-loving republican released a memo which carried a logo spelled "Imeach Biden."

Netizens Lash Out at Boebert

The Republican was given a taste of her own medicine when the social media users pointed out the difference between headaches and coronavirus. Many even suggested that unlike Covid-19, headaches aren't contagious and can't be transferred to kids and those ineligible for vaccine.

"Maybe your headache was from trying to understand a basic concept," tweeted comedian Steve Hofstetter.

"Can a junior high biology student please explain to Lauren how viruses and vaccines work. And sure, headaches and Tylenol also . And shoot, while we're at it, please have one of your fellow students explain civics and how elections work," read another tweet.

"No amount of Tylenol is a cure for Lauren Boebert. Colorado deserves better representation. #VoteLaurenBoebertOut," tweeted a user as another added, "What Lauren Boebert posted about Tylenol was so stupid I can't even share it. I desperately need these dumbasses out of office. Maybe then my belly will feel better."

"Was that a contagious headache? The kind that gets worse the more it spreads among unTylenoled people? And can it affect kids who are too young for Tylenol? No? Then stfu," expressed another one.