Lashawn McNeil: Harlem Gunman Who Shot Dead NYPD Cop Jason Rivera Dies from His Injuries; Mom Says 'I Am Deeply Sorry'

Hours before his death, McNeil's mother, Shirley Sourzes, said, "I am deeply sorry" for making the 911 call.

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The 47-year-old gunman and career criminal who ambushed two NYPD cops at Harlem on Friday, killing one and leaving the other in critical condition, has died of his police-inflicted wounds, authorities confirmed. Lashawn McNeil, who was in critical condition, after being head in the head and right arm by a third cop during the deadly shooting died on Monday afternoon.

McNeil's death comes three days after he fatally shot newlywed cop Jason Rivera, 22, and critically injuring Wilbert Mora, 27. McNeil was shot by another rookie Officer Sumit Sulan during the ambush, who yet to come out of the trauma of the ambush.

Dead and Gone

Lashawn McNeil
Lashawn McNeil Twitter

McNeil succumbed to his injuries on Monday afternoon after fighting for his life for three days at the Harlem Hospital. Hours before his death, McNeil's mother, Shirley Sourzes, spoke to the New York Post, saying, "I am deeply sorry."

Police on Friday responded to a call from Sourzes, who told officers she was in a dispute with her son, McNeil. When officers arrived at the Harlem residence, Sourzes told them that McNeil was in a bedroom at the end of a hallway. As officers made their way towards the room, McNeil opened the door and opened fire, killing Rivera and critically injuring Mora.

"If I knew, I never would have made the phone call. I would never have called."

Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera Twitter

"I would like to say to Mr and Mrs (Rivera) that I am deeply sorry. I know that there is not words that I can express. Your pain. Your sorrow. Me and my family are not proud of my son taking of life."

"There is nothing I can say to heal your sorrow, but God is a comforter. ... And I know that he sent your son to do his will," she said, addressing Rivera's parents. "I don't understand it. It's not fair. My heart goes out to you and your family."

Grieving Mother

Jason Rivera
Jason Rivera Twitter

Understandably, Sourzes is devastated. She holds her son responsible for the death of Rivera and the condition Mora is in and at the same time is mourning the death of McNeil. Mora is presently fighting for his life and has been put on a respirator.

Sources told the New York Daily News that McNeil argued with his mother, Sourzes, about his veganism. NYPD senior officials told NBC that McNeil had moved in with his Sourzes at her Harlem apartment in November 2021 and had tried to convert his family to share his beliefs.

Sumit Sulan
Sumit Sulan, the third rookie cop who shot McNeil NYPD

Sources also told The Post that McNeil was entrenched in anti-authority conspiracy theories and even thought he was God — a situation that his mother said Monday prompted her to try to push him to get mental help.

That said, McNeil's family has declined to comment on his death.

McNeil was a known name to NYPD cops, who were last called to his house on a domestic violence call in August. He was also previously arrested in New York in 2003 on felony narcotic charges and was out on probation. He also had four other arrests in two different states.

Sources also told the outlet that McNeil was generally angry at his mom over such things as the fact that he was blind in his left eye. But Sourzes scoffed at the claim she had anything to do with the eye being impaired.

"This happened years ago," she said. "He had a fixation on guns. At age 21, in Edgemere [in Queens], he had a shootout with the Regulators, they are a gang. He shot off a BB gun, and they beat him in the eye with a bottle."