Larry Pickens: Patient Who Shot Dead Memphis Surgeon Benjamin Mauck in Exam Room Stalked Clinic Staff for a Week and Made Threats

According to Police Chief Dale Lane, the suspect in the incident was identified as Pickens, a patient who had received treatment at the clinic a few hours prior to the shooting.

The gunman who allegedly shot dead Tennessee surgeon Dr. Benjamin Mauck in an examination room was identified on Wednesday as one of his patients Larry Pickens by the Collierville Police Department. Pickens, 29, of Memphis, has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated assault on Mauck at the Campbell Clinic Orthopedics in Collierville.

Pickens reportedly waited outside the clinic for hours before launching the attack on Mauck at the Campbell Clinic in Collierville, Memphis, at 2 pm. The motive of the shooter remains unclear at this time. As of Tuesday, Pickens had no prior criminal record, adding to the mystery surrounding their actions. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Planned and Targeted Attack

Larry Pickens
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According to Police Chief Dale Lane, the suspect in the incident was identified as Pickens, a patient who had received treatment at the clinic a few hours prior to the shooting, as reported by WREG Memphis.

The bail for the suspect has been set at $1.2 million, and his arraignment is scheduled for Thursday.

While the motive behind the shooting remains unclear, Tennessee Senate Minority Leader Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) said on Tuesday that a witness had accused the shooter of making threats towards a clinic staff member for a week prior to the incident.

The Collierville Police Department has declined to provide specific details regarding the shooting incident, citing the ongoing criminal investigation as the reason.

Benjamin Mauck
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The suspect, Pickens, was arrested outside the clinic on the day of the incident after attempting to flee with his pistol. His last known address is located approximately 10 miles away from the clinic.

Earlier reports indicated that Pickens had possibly been waiting for Mauck for several hours before opening fire with a handgun.

Police Chief Dale Lane commended the swift response of the officers who swiftly intervened in the shooting incident. "Again, we're talking about a guy who ran from a shooting scene, and he's in custody within five minutes, without additional loss of life, including our team, the suspect," he told WREG.

Lane also commended the other people inside the clinic who implemented their active shooter training during the incident. This proactive response demonstrated the effectiveness of their preparedness and training in such situations, as reported by the outlet.

Community Devastated

Benjamin Mauck
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Dr. Mauck, 43, was remembered as an exceptional physician. Several patients, praising his compassion, humor, and intelligence, credited him with saving their lives through his essential medical contributions.

He is survived by his spouse and two young children.

Dr. Mauck received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee-Memphis in 2006. Six years later, he joined the staff at Campbell Clinic. Additionally, he worked as a surgeon at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital.

Dr. Mauck was highly regarded by his patients, boasting a remarkable 4.9 rating. His dedication and expertise were recognized recently when he was named on Memphis Magazine's 2023 Top Doctor List.

In an interview published last month, Dr. Mauck shared that his motivation to become a doctor stemmed from witnessing his sister's recovery from a sports injury, which inspired him to pursue a medical career.

"She had surgery for a torn ACL, and they changed her life for the better," he said.

"I thought to myself, 'What better way to help people than to become a physician?'"

Benjamin Mauck
Benjamin Mauck with his wife and children Twitter

Dr. Mauck expressed that he attended medical school with a specific goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. He further elaborated on his fascination with hands, highlighting his particular interest in that area of orthopedics.

"The hand is how we interact with the outside world, and when your hand is involved, it affects almost every single thing you do," he marveled.

Dr. Mauck's colleagues at Campbell Clinic expressed their deep sorrow and grief over the loss of his healing touch in a statement issued late Tuesday.

"Earlier today, we experienced a single shooter event inside our Collierville clinic. We are shocked and heartbroken to confirm the incident resulted in the tragic loss of one of our highly respected and beloved physicians, Dr. Ben Mauck," Campbell Clinic said in a statement.

"We appreciate our local law enforcement officers who responded within minutes. We will continue to work closely with authorities as this remains an active investigation."

Tennessee Senate minority leader Raumesh Akbari (D-Memphis) stated that a witness reported the gunman had been making threats toward a staff member at the clinic for a week prior to the incident.

Akbari called for gun reform, suggesting that stricter regulations could potentially prevent individuals like the shooter from obtaining firearms.

"Tragedies like this underscore the urgent need for common sense – like reinstating background checks and gun licenses, and establishing new reforms like an order of protection so police can remove firearms from a person who is threatening others," she said in a statement.

"Whether you're at school, a grocery store or on the job, you deserve to live and work free from gun violence."

The murder comes approximately two years after a deeply distressing mass shooting unfolded within a Korger supermarket in the same town.

During that incident, Uk Thang, a vendor who had recently been terminated, tragically took the life of one employee and caused injuries to 12 others before taking his own life. The community was profoundly affected by this devastating event.