US President Donald Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump posted a video showing her pet dog playing and tearing up a doll named 'Nancy' in the presence of her two kids. The doll, which has been dressed up as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was highlighted in the video.

Married to Trump's 35-year-old son Eric Trump, Lara is in the forefront of Trump's Presidential campaign 2020. She married the junior Trump in 2014.

nancy doll
The doll named Nancy being used a chew toy for the dog at Trump household. Twitter

Lara Trump Pokes Fun at 'Nancy'

Posting the video on the micro-blogging site, Lara captioned it, "Nancy is a big hit at our house."

Lara recorded the beagle, named Ben, violently playing with the rag doll as he chews and tosses it around on the floor. Lara's two kids, Luke (2) and Carolina (10-month-old), are seen watching the actions of the dog. Lara then proceeds to remove the doll, made to resemble like Pelosi with red pant suit, string of pearls, an American flag pin, and a scrunched-up face, from the dog's mouth, reported Daily Mail.

Turning the camera towards her two-year-old son, Lara says: "Hey, Luke, what's the doll called that Ben has?" Luke mumbles a response prompting Lara to say, "No what's Ben's toy called? What do we call this toy?"

"Nancy," replied Trump's grandson. "Nancy, that's right," Lara repeats as she giggles while returning the doll to the dog who resumes to slam it around.

Lara's Publicity Stunt Draws Strong Reactions

The 19-second video has drawn a mixed response from the social media users with many slamming Lara for setting a bad example for her own kids, while others have a laugh at her expense.

"She's someone's grandmother. You should be teaching your children to respect their elders and differing opinions. Apple doesn't fall far," tweeted a user.

"I sincerely hope that you do not teach your children to hate. America is better than what Nancy and the Democrats want for this country. Your children are the future stars please do not let them turn out like the youth of today who only know hate and anger," wrote another user.

"LOL My dog would shred Nancy in 2 minutes and the toy too," tweeted a user, as other added, "Too attractive to be Nancy. #Trump2020Landslide."