A video providing evidence that the attackers were armed with bats before a bloody clash broke out between the anti-police activists and New York Police Department cops at Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday has surfaced. NYPD Chief Terence Monahan and several other policemen were injured during the clash.

The confrontation took place hours before New York Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a law banning the police from practicing chokeholds and other restraining techniques that could restrict a person's breathing. So far, 37 people have been arrested in connection with the incident.

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Surveillance Footage Shows Distribution of Bats

The footage which surfaced soon after the bloody brawl was procured from the surveillance cameras placed outside the City Hall. A car was seen parked on the street near City Hall which had the bats in its trunk.

The clip showed a man removing six bats from the trunk of the parked car just before the clashes broke out at Brooklyn Bridge, reported the New York Post. Speaking to the outlet, sources within the police department revealed that the bats were supplied so that the anti-cop activists could confront the unity rally proceeding over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

Though it was not clear whether all the bats were used in the clashes, one was recovered after the skirmish settled down, the source added further. One of the anti-police protesters was seen using a cane-like object to attack cops on their heads during the chaos that ensued after the clash.

Twitter Abuzz With Conspiracy Theories

Soon after the video of bats being supplied to the anti-police protesters before the bloody clash surfaced, the users on the microblogging site suspected the brawl may have been 'sponsored'. "Video shows protesters get shipment of bats before Brooklyn Bridge brawl Firsts bricks, now bats....who's paying for these weapons and organizing their delivery?" commented a user.

"Video shows protesters get shipment of bats before Brooklyn Bridge brawl. Who paid for and organized delivery of those bats?" wrote another. "The violence you see in all our major cities, is well organized, financed, designed to create Chaos, fear. Both Anita, BLM have cells in the UK, Europe," said another user.

"Video shows anti-cop thugs get shipment of bats before Brooklyn Bridge brawl that they planned to use to beat unsuspecting police officers. No self-defense claim here by these thugs. It's premeditated violence. Prosecute these people! #BlueLivesMatter," read a Tweet.