Kyle Mullen: Navy SEAL Candidate Died Due to Vaccine Complications? Theory After Cause of Death Remains Unknown

The Navy SEAL candidate who died following the completion of 'Hell Week' exercise has been identified as Kyle Mullen. The 24-year-old from Manalapan, New Jersey, died following the end of the gruelling exercise which involved extreme physical training.

Another candidate, whose name was not released by the Naval authorities, was injured during the training exercise and remains hospitalized.

Kyle Mullen
The Navy SEAL candidate, Kyle Mullen, died on Friday. Twitter

Mullen Died After Basic Underwater Demolition Class

The USA Today reported that Mullen and his fellow candidate were rushed to San Diego-area hospitals following the completion of hours long Basic Underwater Demolition class. The training was part of the first phase of the SEAL assessment and selection program, the Navy said.

In a statement, Rear Adm. H.W. Howard III, commander, Naval Special Warfare Command, said, "We extend our deepest sympathies to Seaman Mullen's family for their loss. We are extending every form of support we can to the Mullen family and Kyle's BUD/S classmates."

Earlier, Mullen played football for Monmouth University and Yale University. Mourning the loss of their former player, Monmouth head coach Kevin Callahan issued a statement. "We are all saddened by the unfortunate passing of Kyle Mullen. As a member of our 2019 championship team, he will be remembered not just as a excellent player, but also as an excellent person and a great teammate," it read.

"He was highly motivated on the field, but his maturity, intelligence, and concern for his fellow teammates is what stands out about Kyle," Callahan added.

What Caused the Death?

The Daily Mail reported that a Navy spokesperson confirmed that Mullen and the other candidate were not actively training at the time of his death. "The sailors were not actively training when they reported 'symptoms' and were transported to receive emergency care," the Navy press release said. However, the authorities did not released the cause of death for the deceased SEAL candidate.

However, the social media was rife with controversies surrounding Mullen's death with many linking it to Covid-19 vaccine shots.

"Stay on top of this, need to know if #vaccine had anything to do w this. Yes deaths have happened in past! Navy #SEAL Candidate Dies, 2nd Hospitalized After 'Hell Week'" read a tweet.

"ANOTHER VICTIM OF THE VACCINE? Navy SEAL candidate dies hours after 'Hell Week' test," expressed another user.

"But they weren't training when they had "symptoms"? Could this be vaccine-related?" tweeted a user.