Rapper Tdott Woo Shot in the Head and Killed Outside House Hours After Inking deal With Music Label

Hours after Rapper Tdott Woo signed a recording contract with Million Dollar Music, he was shot dead outside his home in Brooklyn. The rapper, whose real name was Tajay Dobson, was rushed to the hospital, but could not survive.

A close friend of rapper Pop Smoke, who was shot dead in February 2020, Tdott is known for the viral Woo Walk dance move.

Rapper's Grandmother Heard Gunshots

The fatal shooting took outside Tdott's home on Avenue L near E. 98th St. in Canarsie. It was reported that the rapper was shot in the head around 2.20 pm on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Daily News, the rapper's grandmother, who didn't wish to reveal her name, said that she heard four shots at the time his grandson was attacked.

"It seems like somebody called him and he went outside. I hear the four shots, three in his back and one in his head I think. It was boom, boom, boom, boom, very quick rapid shots," she said.

"I was wondering and I said, 'No, that's too close to home, the shooting has to be near here.' Then I found out it's my grandson that got shot, he died in the hospital," she went on to add.

The woman further stated that after seeing Tdott's bleeding body lying on the ground in front of the home she called 911. "He was bleeding out. He was out there alone, and I started to cry and call 911," she said.

"I couldn't even get sleep last night. He was a good, good kid. ... He loved singing and dancing and all that. He had a passion for music," the grieving grandmother told the outlet.

Condolences Pour in For the Deceased Rapper

Following the reports of the rapper's death, the label paid him tributes in an Instagram post. "It's an honor to remain your friend until your last moments. Your memories will always stay with us no matter where we go and what we do. Sleep in peace. #LongLiveTdott."

"Just know his legacy will always live, from his laugh to the dance everyone across the world does, some of us know him a friend, brother, cousin or just a fan but we all come together to tell you FLY HIGH," read the post.

TDott's fans also grieved on social media by posting condolences messages. "I am so pissed that they clipped TDOTT dawg like I really want all my artist from the hood to invest in REAL DAMN SECURITY not your man's that's a shooter cause 9/10 time y'all got beef w the same mfs meaning y'all both getting shot at smh Ugg WIP TDOTT," tweeted a user.

"Waiiitttt TDOTT DIED!?! Fawkkkk nooooooo. I barely be on social media outside of posting and I saw it today... I'm titeeeeeeee," read another.