Kwon Mina on Instagram Post Suicide Attempt; Reacts to Ex-Boyfriend Yoo's 'Cheating' Explanation

Kwon Mina has returned to Instagram after recovering from injuries caused by a suicide attempt. The former AOA member had tried to take her life on July 29 and was admitted to hospital in an unconscious state. However, she has recovered and made her Instagram account public, which was turned private when she was hospitalized.

She made a comeback to Instagram by writing yet another long post mentioning not only Shin Jimin but also her ex-boyfriend Yoo. She repeatedly claimed that she was a victim and not perpetrator. Mina was embroiled in controversy recently, when she admitted that she and Yoo and cheated on the latter's girlfriend.

Kwon Mina's Boyfriend First Picture
Kwon Mina with her ex-boyfriend. Kwon Mina Instagram

Legal Action Against Yoo?

"After gaining consciousness, I saw Mr. Yoo's [Kwon Mina's ex-boyfriend's] statement, and I even uploaded an explanation(?) post regarding the statement, but I'm still a mythomaniac, a perpetrator, and mental illness patient Kwon Mina.

"Many people must be tired, bored, and wondering why I'm being like this.. If I say it's because I feel wronged, would you believe me.. I'm well aware of my mistakes and my actions and words that have gone too far.. Especially since my mouth was itching after seeing Mr. Yoo's statement," Mina's letter read.

Following Kwon Mina's latest suicide attempt, Yoo took to social media and stated that he would forever remember that he had cheated on his girlfriend. "I will atone for it for the rest of my life. And I will never have another thing to do with Kwon. I am very sorry to everyone and would atone for it for the rest of his life," stated Yoo.

He had also shared Kwon Mina's last message to him, where she had demanded a call from him after breaking up. "Watch me carefully? Where are you? What did I do to you? Do you want to kill me, and take responsibility? Either come see me or call me and take responsibility for your actions. Call me. I have waited long enough and I can't wait anymore," Mina's last message to Yoo read.

Mina in her latest post has strongly suggested that she, with the help of her agency, will take legal action against those spreading rumors. But she did not specify if she was planning to take legal action against Yoo.

Taking Shin Jimin to Task

Her statement further read: "If you became me for even one day, I don't think you could even bring yourself to say that.. I've had a difficult time, and it's difficult with every situation involving Ms. Shin, Mr. Yoo, and more.. There will be no leniency for people who talked and are talking as if they know everything without even knowing the inside story well. I'm confident. And if my words are false exaggerations and lies, file a complaint against me. I'll keep going until I can and until my feelings of being wronged are alleviated at least a little."

Even in her latest Instagram letter, Mina mentioned Shin Jimin, who was forced to leave KPop group AOA and quit entertainment industry after Mina accused her of bullying. Referring to those supporting Jimin, Mina said: "I'm a victim who has endured the longest. It's not false exaggeration. I've only revealed in the past that I have severe depression, and it's not schizophrenia or bipolar disorder."

Mina said that her agency had gathered a lot of evidence, including screenshots of malicious comments and rumors. She told that she will expose those who spread false information through a lawsuit. This time Mina wrote the letter below an image of screenshots of text messages from a netizen who had stated that she was also a victim of Shin Jimin's bullying and was willing to testify against Jimin. After leaving the entertainment industry, Jimin has not reacted to any of Mina's posts on social media. Yoo has also not reacted to Mina's latest letter.

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