Former AOA Member Kwon Mina's Ex-Boyfriend Breaks his Silence; Shares her Last Message to him

Former AOA member Kwon Mina's ex-boyfriend broke his silence on July 31 and said he feels guilty for having an affair with a celebrity. He released an official statement on Instagram in the early hours of Saturday and shared details about his last conversation with her.

In the post, the former lover of the ex-AOA member opened up about his relationship and addressed all the controversies related to it. The person began the post by stating that he deserves criticism for dating a celebrity. The ex-boyfriend of the Korean singer also said that he accepts all the abusive messages sent to him because his silence made things worse.

Mina, 27, was hospitalized for attempting to take her life on July 29. She posted a lengthy handwritten letter on Instagram hours before the incident. In the letter, the former AOA member mentioned the money spent on Yoo, her former lover. According to her, she spent thousands of dollars on him during their one-week-old relationship.

Kwon Mina's Boyfriend First Picture
Kwon Mina with her ex-boyfriend. Kwon Mina Instagram

Reason for Break-Up

However, Yoo stated that he did not receive any money from the former AOA member. She just bought him food and some clothes while they were in a relationship. She indeed gave him a Louis Vuitton bracelet, but it was not a new one, he added.

"Kwon edited my apology, and her agency asked me whether we had broken up, and she told me that I should say yes. So, they recorded me saying so. After the story about our relationship broke, I gained many followers. When I figured out that none of them were her fans, I informed her about it. But she asked me to think positively and that I can use them later. I don't understand why she says otherwise in the Kakao talk chat," he explained.

Check Out Kwon Mina's Last Message to her Former Lover

Call me. Because of You, I am listening to this like "die like your dad" and you are back on Instagram. Does this look like a game? If you do not fix things quickly, you are going to see what happened to me because of you. Watch me carefully? Where are you? What did I do to you? Do you want to kill me, and take responsibility? Either come see me or call me and take responsibility for your actions. Call me. I have waited long enough and I can't wait anymore.

The ex-boyfriend of Mina then stated that he woke to about 20 photos of the singer's surgery and pictures of the bloody floor sent to him by her mother. He also received several messages from people calling him a murderer, and he thinks that his silence created all the misunderstandings.

"I am very confused about what to do. I am going to forever remember that I cheated on my girlfriend, and I will atone for it for the rest of my life. And I will never have another thing to do with Kwon. I am very sorry to everyone," he stated.