Horrifying Video Shows Moment Turkish TikTok Star Falls to Death While Clicking Selfies on Rooftop

Dogan's heartbroken family is, reportedly, planning to sue the roofing contractor for installing the flimsy plastic paneling that resulted in her death.

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A horrifying video of a TikToker has emerged that shows her plunging to her death from the rooftop of a building while trying to click selfies for her account. TikTok star Kubra Dogan, 23, fell to her death, while visiting 16-year-old cousin Helen on Friday at her family's apartment in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dogan was reportedly trying to take shots of the sunset when she suddenly lost control and slipped from the rooftop, according to local media reports. The harrowing video of the tragic accident has since being doing the rounds on social media, with her followers still in disbelief about her untimely death.

End of the Show

The spine-chilling footage of the incident, filmed by her cousin, Helen, shows Dogan posing for the camera before sitting on the edge of the roof. Prior to that, both the girls can be seen spending some time taking photos and videos on the rooftop.

The video looks quite normal initially when Dogan's cousin shoots her walking and trying to capture the sunset. She can even be seen smiling. She then steps down onto a lower part of the building as Helen turns the camera back towards a face sporting a concerned look.

The camera then pans back toward Dogan and Helen catches the moment as she steps onto a grey plastic panel which immediately ripped. The moments Dogan falls, a loud tearing sound can be heard. The TikToker then disappears through the plastic panel, before falling nine stories, or about 160 feet, to the street below.

Panic All Around

Kubra Dogan
Kubra Dogan Twitter

For a moment the camera comes to a standstill as Helen is shocked fails to realize what just happened. Finally, a shaken Helen realizes that Dogan has fallen and probably also won't survive given the height of the building.

Kubra Dogan and Helen
Kubra Dogan (right) clicking a selfie with cousin Helen moments before she fell to her death Twitter

Helen then quickly rushes to tell her family of the incident, following which emergency services dashed to the scene in Esenyurt on Friday. Paramedics tried to revive Dogan but she had already died by that time.

According to Sabah, Dogan's heartbroken family is planning to sue the roofing contractor for installing the flimsy plastic paneling that resulted in her death.

"We will not let him go. As soon as the girl puts her foot down, [the panel] breaks and she falls to the ground from the ninth floor," Dogan uncle Nebi said. He also said that family members had earlier advised the two cousins against making dangerous videos for TikTok.

"We warned them, but they did not obey," he said. Police have launched an investigation. Her body is due to be handed over to her family for burial following an autopsy.

This article was first published on August 24, 2021