Nicola Priest: Mom Posted Sick TikTok Video Singing 'I Messed up Bad' after Killing Daughter Because She Interrupted Sex

In one of the videos Priest is heard mouthing the words to the song: "I'm sorry mum and dad. I know I messed up bad. I should've done, should've done better."

A mother who murdered her three-year-old daughter because she was getting in the way of her sex life posted a sick TikTok video wherein she is heard saying: "I messed up bad", just a month after the child's death. Nicola Priest uploaded a series of twisted and disturbing tribute clips just weeks after her daughter Kaylee-Jayde Priest was found dead in her flat last year.

Priest, 23, was jailed for 15 years for manslaughter last week after Kaylee-Jayde was found dead with chest and abdominal injuries exactly a year ago on August 9 in Birmingham. However, the incident of posting the sick TikTok video came to light only on Monday, which once again explains the psyche of Priest.

Not Like a Mother

Nicola Priest
Screen grab of Nicola Priest from one of the videos she uploaded Twitter

Along with Priest, her boyfriend, Callum Redfern, 22, was also jailed for 14 years for manslaughter, with the couple killing Kaylee after she interrupted them while they had sex. However, it has now emerged that a month after her daughter's death, Priest opened a TikTok account.

She then posted sick videos, including photographs, regretting killing her three-year-old daughter. In one, she is seen tearful — which she posted just 39 days after Kaylee's death. She then mouths the words to the song: "I'm sorry mum and dad. I know I messed up bad. I should've done, should've done better."

Nicola Priest video
Grab from another video Nicola Priest posted on TikTok Twitter

In another sick video she posted a photo of the little girl and featured her date of death, August 9, 2020, alongside it as well as a crying emoji and several angels in the caption.

In other clips she posts twisted tributes to her daughter - before turning her attention to her viral dances. This once again proves the mindset of the mother who brutally killed her daughter just because she came in the way of her sex life.

No Remorse

Nicola Priest and Callum Redfern
Nicola Priest and Callum Redfern Twitter

The videos also prove that Priest has no remorse and the way she posted the videos they were simply disturbing. Investigation following the horrifying murder revealed that Kaylee was long dead inside Priest's Kingshurst flat in Solihull, West Midlands, when she finally made the 999 call.

Priest and Redfern both were convicted of manslaughter and were sentenced to 15 years in jail with a three-year concurrent sentence for child cruelty. Sentencing Priest and Redfern last week, Justice Foxton QC said: "On the evening of August 8 you Redfern went to Priest's flat. The two of you went to have sex. Kaylee wanted to stay up and play. There is no direct evidence of what happened next. Kaylee was sick more than once during the night as a result of the severe beating."

"You lost your tempers and it is clear you were joint participants in that assault. You both knew you had seriously injured Kaylee. You, Priest did nothing to seek medical help. A prompt call could have saved Kaylee's life. You both lied repeatedly during interviews," he added.

The attack left her with brain injuries, as well as damage to her chest, including a punctured lung and internal rupturing of the intestines.

Kaylee-Jayde Priest
Another video posted on TikTok by Nicole Priest features Kaylee-Jayde Priest's photo with emojis Twitter

Following the sentencing, the video tributes the Priest uploaded have emerged. The first video was posted on September 7 2020, is a slideshow movie of pictures of little Kaylee with the caption: "RIP my baby".

The second video was posted 10 days later. A third video with a several photos of Kaylee - including the flowers left at Kingshurst House in the hours after she was killed - was posted by Priest.

The killer mum captioned the video: "I love you so much darling mommy will never forget you ever!!! Rip angel"