KPop Star B.I. Admits to All Charges in Drug Case; 3-Year Jail Term Demand Leaves Father in Tears

Former iKON member Kim Han Bin, popularly known as B.I, attended the first hearing regarding illegal drug use case at the Seoul Central District Court. He admitted to all charges and said that he was reflecting on his mistakes. The prosecution has demanded three years in prison in addition to $1,300 fine. Following this, B.I's father also addressed the court in tears.

B.I has been charged with three accounts of illegal marijuana usage, and one account of purchasing illegal LSD, back in 2016.

Addressing the court, B.I said: "I made a completely foolish mistake in the past. I was young and naive, but even so, I was a foolish for what I did. I hurt my family. For a time, I thought that I no longer wanted to live. But through these recent events, I took the time to look around me and reflect on my past. I will never repeat a foolish mistake like this again. I will continue to reflect on myself. I want to protect those I cherish."

Former iKON member Kim Han Bin popularly known as B.I Twitter Screengrab

His legal representatives stated that the star was sorry for causing a great disturbance as a public figure and apologized on behalf of B.I. "During the time of the crime, B.I was only 19-years old. He made a mistake out of curiosity. Furthermore, B.I is a first-time defendant with no criminal or civil record, and he has carried out community service as well as non-profit donations continuously since his debut. The album he recently released is also part of a project to donate all proceeds," said his legal team.

Father Addresses Court in Tears

B.I's father is said to have requested judges to give him an opportunity to speak. He became teary-eyed as he addressed the court and said: "I should have educated my child better. It was my fault. I blame myself for showing off my child's accomplishments with a big head. Please show my foolish son mercy."

Prior to his first trial, B.I submitted a letter of apology to the court on August 25 through his agency IOK Company. "I can't turn back the past and my mistakes as they have already happened but I have been thinking about how I can help improve the world and help create a better society for the rest of my life," stated B.I while tendering an apology.

So far, B.I has attended a total of nine investigations and drug testing sessions. B.I had admitted to using illegal drugs in September 2019. He was indicted in May 2021. Verdict on B.I's case will be delivered during the next trial scheduled for September 10.

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