Image of K-Pop Star Hanbin Running in the Rain After Giving Umbrella to Fan Goes Viral

Hanbin or K-pop star B.I. has been away from the mainstream since June 2019 after he was falsely accused of buying illegal drugs

K-pop star Hanbin who is well known as B.I., is in news after being away from the mainstream for over one year now. This time fans are going gaga over Hanbin's generous act towards a fan. On July 13, one of Hanbin's fans made an announcement from B.I. fan account.

The post stated how the k-pop star came to the rescue of a fan in the middle of the road. Accordingly, Hanbin is said to have given his umbrella to a fan who was getting drained in the rain and ended up running back getting wet himself. The fan gave a detailed account of the incident on Twitter along with the picture of Hanbin running on the road. He is seen as trying to cover his head from hand to avoid getting wet in the rain.

Something in the Rain

Former iKON member Hanbin best known as B.I. was spotted on road in Gimpo. Twitter

According to the fan, the incident occurred at Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. Hanbin's fan was walking on the road along with her friend when it started to rain. She was looking at the nearby building to take shelter when she saw a man wearing a bright yellow t-shirt running towards her with an umbrella.

As his face was covered by the umbrella, she noticed the bracelet on his hand. When he came closer, she was in for a shock because he looked just like Hanbin. She gathered all the courage and ran closer to him shouting Hanbin. Surprised Hanbin looked at her and it was the star himself indeed. The fan is said to have introduced herself to Hanbin and started crying as she was emotionally overwhelmed. Looking at her, Hanbin asked her not to cry and offered her his umbrella.

She wrote that while offering the umbrella, Hanbin told her that it was raining heavily and it would really be bad if she gets caught in the rain. "Please use this umbrella," Hanbin said. Even when the fan refused to take the umbrella as she didn't want him to get wet, he insisted, handed her his umbrella, and started running in the rain using his hands to cover the head.

Fans Feel Sorry for Hanbin

The fan also wrote that just before leaving Hanbin said, "Don't cry, I'm sorry and travel safely." Fans are greatly touched by this act and can't stop appreciating their favorite k-pop star. Last year and this year has not been good for Hanbin as he had to quit his group iKON and agency YG Entertainment in June 2019 after claims were made that he was involved in purchasing illegal drugs. A case in this regard was booked in September 2019 and the star has not made any public appearance since then.

However, in February 2020, it was ruled that Hanbin had tested negative for drug use and was declared innocent. After hearing him say sorry to the fan, the Hanbin fandom is demanding his re-entry into the k-pop industry. "You have not done anything wrong. Please do not say sorry, and do return to the entertainment industry," fans are demanding on social media. Some fans have started trending Hanbin come back on Twitter.

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