Kpop Star Accused of Fraud Revealed to be Black Swan's Hyeme; Dispatch Provides Proof

The Dispatch provided bank statements and images of text messages between Hyeme and the alleged victim.

The name of the girl group member who had cheated a man of $44,800 has been revealed. The Dispatch provided the proof for the same and said that the Kpop star in question was Hyeme of Black Swan. A formal complaint has been filed against Hyeme by the victim.

A report in the Dispatch website claims that Hyeme grew closer to the victim, and then slowly started borrowing money from him on different occasions. When he asked her to pay him back the singer is said to have cut off contact.

Hyeme of Black Swan. Instagram

Agency Confirms the News

The story has been authenticated as her agency DR Entertainment also responded to the issue. It confirmed that Hyeme borrowed the said the sum of money from the man. The agency is currently investigating deeper into the matter.

Speaking to the Dispatch, the victim, who is said to be a 30-year-old man working for a research conglomerate in South Korea, revealed that he befriended Hyeme through social media direct messages. He started contacting her as a fan but later developed feelings for her as they became close. "At first I cheered her on as a fan. Then we became close. Following which, I developed feelings for her. I truly hoped Hyeme would find success. That's why I helped her," he told the Dispatch.

Giving details of the transaction, the victim said that he first met Hyeme in 2018 and both developed a close relationship. They even met for food and drinks. The first time she asked for money was in 2019. According to the messages exchanged between them, Hyeme asked him to help her solve financial problems with regards to her mother. "Just help solve the issue for my mother instead," read Hyeme's message.

After he deposited the money, [exact amount nor known] she thanked him and said: "It's not that I see you as means of money but I am uncomfortable asking for help from others. I'm more comfortable with you, that's why I asked to borrow some money from you. I hope you don't think of it that way."

Hyeme's Demands Increase

The second time she asked for money was when she wanted to move out of her dorm. Hyeme had said that she would be able to focus better on her activities if she had her own place to stay. She felt it was a genuine request and paid a rent of $807 [₩900,000 KRW] monthly for a year amounting up to $18,000 for her apartment.

She kept on asking money on different occasions and within five months he had spent $11,490 [12,800,000 KRW] on her. Hyeme also asked him to give her allowance and pay when she was short of money during parties.

When Hyeme started neglecting him and contacted him only when she needed money, he asked her to pay him back and leave the apartment. Showing her true color she had told him that the apartment was in her name and warned him that she will report him. Since then she cut off contact with him and changed her number.

The victim said that she had promised to return him the money once she became successful. "But she changed her number and disappeared. More than anything, the sense of betrayal is huge," he told Dispatch.

Hyeme originally debuted in 2015 as a member of Kpop group RaNia. As she was the only member left in the group, she announced on June 26, 2020 that she will release a new album with new members under the group Black Swan. The group debuted on Oct. 16, 2020 with the album Goodbye RaNia.

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