Korean singer Goo Hara sues ex-boyfriend for blackmailing with sex video

Goo Hara
Goo Hara Instagram/ Goo Hara

The shocking audio of the conversation between Goo Hara and her ex-boyfriend has been released by Korean media outlet Dispatch, clearing the air about her disturbing behaviour in the recent past.

According to sources, Hara's ex-boyfriend, referred to as 'C', threatened to upload footage of their intimate moments on the web as revenge porn following their 30-minute fight. In a fit of rage, Hara's ex-boyfriend had contacted Dispatch at around 1 am KST and suggested that he has information worthy of spoiling her reputation, and passed on his number.

It is noted that he urged Dispatch to contact him, failing which he would move on to another media network.

Following his spat with Hara, 'C' sent a couple of their short video clips in a compromising position. Hara was seen in a CCTV grab, on her knees, pleading to 'C' to reconsider his threat. In another video, she was seen chasing 'C' down the parking alley in an attempt to dissuade him from releasing the video.

Since its release, the video has garnered a stream of supporters for Goo Hara. Goo Hara said that she had stumbled upon the video on his phone and deleted it. In spite of it, Hara fears that the video might have already been circulated on the web.

Sources state that Hara's ex-boyfriend sent out another request to Dispatch to contact him saying, "it won't disappoint. Contact me". Though Dispatch attempted to call him after that, his phone remained unavailable. Dispatch has stated that they have been aware of the blackmail earlier and did not plan to publish the video.

Lawyer Kwak Jun Ho, representing 'C', gave a statement asserting that he has faced "defamation of character', and though there has been an offer to settle out of court, 'C' prefers to press charges against Hara.

In response to the statement, Hara acknowledged her mistakes but also emphasized that 'C' is portraying himself as the victim. Hara has filed a complaint against 'C' for coercion and blackmail along with violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes.