G-Dragon dating Goo Hara? Truth revealed

G-Dragon and Goo Hara are not dating despite rumours.

South Korean singer Kwon Ji Yong, known as G-Dragon Reuters

G-Dragon and Goo Hara are not dating despite rumours. The relationship reports started circulating after the former KARA member and the BIGBANG member were spotted with Sulli and Ga In at the Lotte World amusement park.

In the images spreading online, G-Dragon is seen wearing a jean jacket with a black hat and a mask. Following the dating rumours, Hara's agency KeyEast stated: "The dating rumors going around on fan pages are ridiculous. G-Dragon and Hara are friends. There were other people there too. They don't have a special relationship."

Previously, G-Dragon was linked to Sandara Park. In a video circulating online, fans believed that the 28-year-old rapper kissed 2NE1's Dara while leaving the BIGBANG's concert.

YG Entertainment released a statement clarifying the situation, and revealed that the stars were pulling a prank on fans. The agency said: "It was a simple incident. G-Dragon requested to Dara, 'Let's try to get a picture taken of a pose like this,' as a joke, and that pose was shot in a picture, that is all. They are not dating."

Adding on, fans of G-Dragon also speculated that he is dating Bella Hadid. The two were spotted together at his party in club Le Pompon, Paris.

G-Dragon shared a picture of himself with the Victoria's Secret model on Instagram. The party was held in connection to his brand, PEACEMINUSONE. He captioned the image: "Last night was lit"