KinnPorsche The Series Episode 5 How to Watch, Spoilers, Air Date, and More

KinnPorsche The Series episode 5 is scheduled to air on GMM One this Saturday, May 7, at 11.10 pm ICT. The chapter will feature troubled moments for Kinn Theerapanyakul and Porsche Kittisawasd. They spent a night together towards the end of episode 4. People around them may find out about it in the next chapter. The followers of this Thai BL series are curious to know if their changing relationship will force them to make some tough decisions.

The viewers will have to watch the mini-series on GMM One this Saturday to find out what lies ahead for the onscreen couple. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East, can watch the drama with subtitles on iQiyi Sunday, May 1, at 1 am ICT.

The promotional video for this week shows Kinn's father, Korn Theerapanyakul, asking his son to clean up the mess and be more rational while dealing with his employees. Korn informs Kinn that everybody now knows that he slept with Porsche. It could affect the system. The other bodyguards would become furious because of Kinn's affection towards Porsche. So, it is necessary to punish Porsche for the system to work smoothly.

KinnPorsche The Series
A promotional still from KinnPorsche The Series episode 4. Twitter

The clip then shows Porsche getting punished by Big and Ken for taking his duties lightly. Kinn could be helpless in this case because he received a warning from his father. Vegas might use this opportunity to get close to Porsche. Tankul may reach out to help the bodyguard before things go out of their hands.

Love is in the Air for Porchay

KinnPorsche introduced a new character to the viewers in episode 4 - a pop singer named Wiki. He is a past student of the institute, in which Porchay is doing his graduation. Wiki came to the institute to encourage the freshers through his live concert and context. Since Porchay is a big fan of this singer, he attended the program and tried to win an autographed t-shirt. Although Porchay failed to win the contest on time, he received a special gift from Wiki.

KinnPorsche The Series
KinnPorsche The Series episode 5 could mark the beginning of a romantic relationship between Porchay and Wiki. Twitter

Wiki's manager only had three autographed t-shirts, which he gave to the winners. When Porchay met Wiki, he had nothing to give him, and the singer asked the student if he could get something else. Porchay asked Wiki if he could take guitar classes for him. Wiki did not reply, and Porchay thought it could be impossible. Shortly, the student got an autograph of the singer on his shirt. But this is not the end of their story.

The promotional video for this week shows Wiki asking Porchay over the phone if he is still in need of a guitar teacher. The guitar lessons could mark the beginning of a new relationship as the footage hits at a blossoming romance.