KinnPorsche The Series Ending Explained, Episode 14 Recap: An Open Ending

KinnPorsche The Series focussed on the relationship between Korn Theerapanyakul, Porsche Kittisawasd, and Gun Theerapanyakul. After Korn fell sick, Porsche went home, and Kinn Theerapanyakul waited outside his father's room with the siblings to know about his health condition.

In the meantime, Gun decided to use this opportunity to take down his nephew. He asked his people to prepare for an attack and waited for the right time. Vegas could not stop his father from going against the family members. So, he alerted Porsche and asked him to prepare for the worst.

On the other end, Kinn received the news about his father's demise. Gun also found out that somebody poisoned and killed his elder brother. While Kinn called for an urgent meeting with the partners, his uncle prepared for an attack.

KinnPorsche The Series
A promotional still of the Thai BL drama KinnPorsche The Series. Twitter

Fight for Power

Shortly after receiving the news about Korn's unexpected death, Gun went to the main building with his son Vegas and attacked the bodyguards first. Then the father-son duo entered the house targetting Kinn. They searched for him but could not take him down because he fought well.

The Thai BL drama featured several action-packed sequences focusing on the fight between the two families. As Kinn fought for his people, Tankhun Theerapanyakul helped his younger brother in the battle. Shortly, Porsche joined them and helped his lover.

Those who suffered due to this fight for power were Porsche, Vegas, Pete, Kinn, and Kim. They only tried to protect their loved ones. When Kinn, Porsche, Pete, and Vegas tried to stay true to their feelings, Kim did everything to save his lover Porchay from getting killed.

KinnPorsche The Series
KinnPorsche The Series could return with a spin-off focusing on the romantic relationship between Porchay and Kim. Twitter

Korn's Surprise Entry

The last episode of this mini-series also featured a happy reunion, a shocking revelation, and an unexpected demise. When Vegas dealt with Kinn, Gun searched his brother Korn because he did not believe the news about his brother's death. When Gun met Korn, he was shocked to meet his sister Namphueng.

Kinn and Porsche were also surprised to see Namphueng. Gun asked Korn to stop being selfish and let his siblings stay happy. He told Porsche that Korn killed his father and took his mother away. But Porsche did not believe him, and Gun got killed before Vegas could do anything for his father.

KinnPorsche The Series
The blossoming romance between Kinn and Porsche continues in KinnPorsche The Series. Twitter

Porsche was happy to meet his mother again. He stayed with her. When the fight ended, Vegas got shot, Pete resigned and took care of his lover, and Porsche became the new head of the minor family. When everybody got their happy ending, Kim waited for Porchay, who did not forgive his boyfriend. The Thai BL drama could return with a spin-off focusing on the romantic relationship between Porchay and Kim.

KinnPorsche The Series ending also revealed that Korn killed Porsche's father to protect his sister. Thai BL drama fans can watch the finale with subtitles on iQiyi.