The King's Affection Episode 16 Recap; Episode 17 Spoilers, Streaming Details: Lee Hwi-Jung Ji Un Breakup

The King's Affection episode 16 aired on KBS2TV Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST, and it took the viewers through an emotional roller coaster of events. The chapter set a plot for the finale, which is a few weeks away from its end. King Lee Hwi might have to deal his real identity to all and step down from his position in the upcoming week.

But before that, he will have to deal with several things. One of them is to make sure that his loved ones are safe. Another task is to bring down his evil grandfather. Thirdly, to make sure that the Queen stays happy in the palace with her friends. And lastly, help Prince Lee Hyun to become the new King.

Before getting into the details of it, let's find out what happened in the latest chapter of this historical romantic comedy-drama.

The King's Affection Episode 16 Recap

The chapter picked up right from where it left off and featured an intimate moment between the King and his lover. Soon, the show turned into a serious tone. It showed Jung Ji Un secretly investigating King Hyejong's demise.

Ji Un checked the royal diaries to identify the poisonous plant that killed the King. With the help of Bang Jil Geum, Ji Un managed to identify the rare herb. He immediately shared his findings with Lee Hwi. Ji Un also suggested her a way to find the culprit.

The King's Affection
The King's Affection episode 17 will air on December 6. KBS

Yoon Hyeong Seol's Demise

The most loyal person in the palace bid adieu to all this week. He was in the countryside for gathering evidence against Left State Councilor Han Ki Jae when he met his friend Seok Jo unexpectedly. Seok Jo tried to stop Hyeong Seol from collecting evidence against Ki Jae.

The two friends got involved in a sword fight. When Hyeong Seol was about to lose, Kim Ga On reached out for his help. They managed to run away with the evidence. But they were caught by Ki Jae's people. While Hyeong Seol died, Ga On managed to run away with the evidence.

The demise of his close friend affected Seok Jo badly. It is not clear if he will team up with the King to build a better world.

Jung Ji Un-Shin So Eun Reunion

The King's Affection episode 16 also featured a reunion between Ji Un and So Eun. They met unexpectedly in the palace, and Queen No Ha Kyung took the opportunity to bring them together. But it disturbed the King as she knew about So Eun's admiration for Ji Un.

Elsewhere, Prince Wonsan found out about Lee Hwi's twin. Prince shared the information with his uncle, Prince Changun -- the person who faked his death to dethrone Lee Hwi. Wonsan asked Changun to confirm Lee Hwi's identity secretly. Changun nearly succeeded in his mission when Jung Seok Jo reached out for Lee Hwi's rescue.

The King's Affection
A poster of new KBS historical romance drama The King's Affection. Twitter/KBS Drama

The King's Affection Episode 17 Spoilers and Streaming Details

The upcoming chapter will reveal the real reason for Seok Jo to step in for the King's rescue. He might have done to protect his son and could wait for an opportunity to kill Lee Hwi with his own hands. Seok Jo might also have made his first step towards a new team-up. His close friend's demise might have transformed him into a new person.

Meanwhile, the promo hints at the upcoming challenges for Lee Hwi. Wonsan and Prince Changun will spread rumors about the King's feminism. It could affect the Queen, who might request Queen Dowager to separate Lee Hwi from Ji Un.

To protect his lover, Ji Un could tie knots with So Eun in the upcoming chapter. Watch the historical romantic comedy-drama on Monday to find out what lies ahead for Lee Hwi and Ji Un. Episode 17 of The King's Affection will be broadcast on KBS2TV at 9.30 pm KST. People across the globe can stream it on the official website of the broadcasting channel. The chapter will be available with subtitles to Non-Koreans on Netflix.