The King's Affection Episode 14 Recap, Episode 15 Spoilers, and Streaming Details

The King's Affection episode 14 aired on KBS2 TV Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST, and it focussed on the various challenges of Lee Hwi as the new King. Currently, he is a puppet in the hands of Left State Councilor Han Ki Jae. Though he wants to dedicate his life to the needy, he is helpless. The King is just focussing on protecting his loved ones for the time being.

But Lee Hwi has bigger plans in his mind. As expected, he has formed a secret team to gather evidence against his grandfather. Unfortunately, his close friends -- Jung Ji Un, Lee Hyun, and Kim Ga On are not a part of the team. Yoon Hyeong Seol and his supporters managed everything. Chief Eunuch Hong also knows about it. In episode 15, Ji Un, Ga On, and Lee Hyun might join this team.

The King's Affection Episode 14 Recap

The chapter began by featuring a conversation between Ji Un and his father. Ji Un requested his father to help him find a place in the Palace. Though Jung Seok Jo suggested his son stay out of the dirty political game, he helped Ji Un. Seok Jo requested Left State Councilor to help him out. The senior official was a little suspicious at the beginning. Still, he allowed Ji Un to work for the King.

Ji Un wanted to help Lee Hwi and treat her wounds. The King could not get treated by the royal physician because she had to hide her real identity. Ji Un secretly treated the King while working as a scholar in the Palace. Chief Eunuch Hong and Court Lady Kim helped the couple. But Seok Jo was suspicious about his son's intentions. He secretly followed Ji Un to find out why is he so loyal to the King.

The King's Affection
A behind-the-scene photo from The King's Affection episode 14. KBS

When Jung Seok Jo Finds Out Lee Hwi's Real Identity

Since Ga On left the Palace after King Hyejong's demise, Seok Jo became Lee Hwi's official bodyguard. Seok Jo followed Lee Hwi everywhere and tried to find out the King was hiding something. At first, he asked the royal physician about the King's wound. Seok Jo found out that the royal physician was not treating the King. Then, he asked his son if he was treating Lee Hwi. Ji Un did not tell his father that he was treating the King.

When the King was going to his chamber with the Queen after meeting the Grand Dowager, Seok Jo found a small mark on the back of Lee Hwi's neck. Seok Jo met the royal physician to find out if the King got it in her childhood. After confirming the fact that Dam I is the King, he was going back home. At that time, Seok Jo saw Ji Un kissing Lee Hwi. Seok Jo knows that if the Left State Councilor funds out Lee Hwi's real identity, he could get rid of everybody around him. Seok Jo will do anything to protect his son. Will he try to kill Lee Hwi?

The King's Affection
Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Un in The King's Affection. KBS

The King's Affection Episode 15 Spoilers and Streaming Details

The promo for next week shows somebody attacking Lee Hwi in the Palace. Could it be Seok Jo? Speculations suggest that Seok Jo might try to kill Lee Hwi to protect his son. The footage also features Ga On meeting with Lee Hwi. After returning to the Palace, he meets the King and confesses everything. Ga On tells Lee Hwi that he tried to kill him at the hunting ground.

The promo video also shows some romantic moments between Lee Hwi and Ji Un. As Queen No Ha Kyung gets closer to Lee Hwi, Ji Un becomes jealous. They begin to enjoy their romantic relationship. Watch the historical romance drama on KBS2TV Monday at 9.30 pm KST to find out if they get into trouble. The King's Affection Episode 15 will be available with subtitles on Netflix.