The King's Affection Episode 15 Recap, Episode 16 Spoilers, and Streaming Details

The King's Affection Episode 15 aired on KBS2TV Monday at 9.30 pm KST. It featured the love triangle between King Lee Hwi, Prince Lee Hyun, and Scholar Jung Ji Un. The chapter also focussed on the various measures taken by the King against his grandfather, Han Ki Jae. In the next chapter, the mini-series will focus on its consequences.

The King's Affection Episode 16 will air on KBS Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST. The chapter could feature the demise of a beloved character. With the help of his men, Ki Jae might find out the role played by the supporters of Lee Hwi against him. He is likely to get rid of them one by one. The K-drama will probably feature some intense scenes and fights in the upcoming episode.

The King's Affection Episode 15 Recap

The chapter featured the return of Kim Ga On. He was secretly investigating King Hyejong's demise all alone. He met former Eunuch's wife and asked her about the reason for his demise. From the lady, Ga On heard about Lord Ki Jae's role in his father's death. In the meantime, Lord Hyeong Seol was secretly listening to their conversation.

Later, Hyeong Seol met Ga On and asked him to team up against the Left State Councilor. He agreed and met with the King to discuss it. At the Palace, Ga On admitted that he tried to kill Lee Hwi in the hunting camp. He also confessed about his plot against the late King. When Lee Hwi heard about his father's last moments from his former bodyguard, he became sad.

Lee Hwi requested Hyeong Seol and Ga On to gather all possible evidence against Ki Jae as soon as possible.

The King's Affection
Actress ParK Eun Bin as King Lee Hwi in historical Korean drama The King's Affection. KBS

Lee Hwi-Jung Ji Un Romance

The romantic relationship between Lee Hwi and Ji Un took an unexpected turn this week. Ji Un found a way out to be with his lover. He decided to be the King's most trusted scriber who could record every moment of him. Though the couple enjoyed their time together, they also experienced jealousy at times. Ji Un was never happy to see the Queen around.

However, the Queen considered Ji Un as Lee Hwi's close friend. She tried to gather new information about the King from Ji Un and Prince Lee Hyun. She was head over heels for the King and tried everything to win him. In the upcoming episodes, Lee Hwi might reveal his true identity to the Queen.

Actor Ro Woon as Jung Ji Un and actress Park Eun Bin as King Lee Hwi in KBS drama The King's Affection. KBS

The King's Affection Episode 16 Spoilers and Streaming Details

The historical romance drama will return with a new episode on Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST. The chapter is likely to feature the death of a beloved character. The person who could bid adieu to all on Tuesday could be Lord Hyeong Seol. The Left State Councilor might figure out his involvement in the cargo case and try to get rid of him. It remains to be how many people will have to sacrifice their lives to bring down Ki Jae.

The mini-series is four episodes away from its finale, and the viewers are curious to know what will happen to Lee Hwi. Watch The King's Affection episode 26 on KBS2TV Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST. K-drama fans can stream the chapter on the official website of the broadcasting channel. K-drama fans from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, and Malaysia, can watch the drama with subtitles on Netflix.