The King's Affection Episode 13 Recap, Episode 14 Spoilers, and Streaming Details

The King's Affection episode 13 featured the demise of King Hyejong and the crowning of Lee Hwi. Several things happened in between the scenes. The next chapter will be much more interesting than this. It is likely to feature a royal wedding. King Lee Hwi will probably tie knots with No Ha Kyung.

Episode 14 of this historical romance drama could also feature Lee Hwi building a secret team to fight against his grandfather. Jung Seok Jo might join them in hopes of protecting his son. Kim Ga On will probably join the team to fight for justice. But Lee Hwi and his loved ones might face several challenges because of Left State Councilor Han Ki Jae and Prince Wonsan.

Before getting into the details of this chapter, here is a quick recap of Monday's episode.

What Happened to Lee Hwi in The King's Affection Episode 13?

After revealing her real identity to Jung Ji Un, Lee Hwi dreamt of her happy ending. She got to spend some time with her lover. But the happiness did not last for long because Seok Jo came to know about her whereabouts. It did not take much time for the soldiers to track her. Lee Hwi was abducted and brought back to the Palace by her grandfather.

In the meantime, the chief Eunuch poisoned King's herbal tonic. When he was about the enter the King's chamber, he felt the presence of another person. It is Ga On who was confronting the King for helping him. Through their conversation, he came to know about his father's never-ending friendship with the King. He was moved up the King's words.

When the Eunuch entered the King's chamber, Ga On hid in the room. Though the Eunuch mentioned the presence of another person, the King told him that he was alone in the room. He was reading out loud. A couple of minutes later, the King passed away.

The King's Affection
A poster of KBS drama The King's Affection. Twitter/KBS Drama

Lee Hwi's Crowning

The Crown Prince came to know about his father's demise from his grandfather. His return to the Palace shook his opponents, including Lord Changcheon. They demanded Queen Dowager to take legal action against Lee Hwi for entering the Palace without permission. Lord Changcheon and his supporters also asked her to make Prince Jehyeon the next in line for the throne. But she requested the ministers to allow Lee Hwi to pay his last rites.

Things took an unexpected turn for Lord Changcheon and his daughter on that night. The Left State Councilor framed them for poisoning the late King, and they were imprisoned. Prince Jehyeon was also sent behind bars with his mother and his grandfather. At that time, Lee Hwi found out that his grandfather killed his father to make him the King. Though Lee Hwi tried to oppose his grandfather, he realized that it could harm his loved ones. So, he decided to become the next King.

The King's Affection
A poster of historical drama The King's Affection. Twitter/KBS Drama

The King's Affection Episode 14 Spoilers and Streaming Details

As mentioned above, the upcoming chapter will focus on the first few days of Lee Hwi as a King. The promo teased a royal wedding. After Lee Hwi's marriage with Ha Kyung, his grandfather will force him to produce the next heir. The clip also shows Seok Jo trying to tell his son what he knows about Lee Hwi.

The next episode of this historical drama will air on KBS Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST. K-drama fans can watch it on the broadcasting channel or stream it on the official website. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, India, Australia, and Thailand, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on Netflix.