School 2021 Story, Cast, Airdate, Spoilers, Streaming Details, and More

School 2021 is one of the highly anticipated K-dramas of this year. It was initially planned to air in the second half of last year with the title School 2020. The mini-series was going to be based on the novel Oh, My Men! Towards the end of 2020, the production team decided to postpone the drama release to this year and changed its title to 2021. At that time, an industry insider also revealed that the new season will tell a different story.

The campus was scheduled to premiere on November 17. But a supporting actor and the lead cast member Kim Go Yan tested positive for Covid-19 on November 19. So, the production team decided to postpone the premiere and the press conference related to it for a week. The mini-series is currently scheduled to air on KBS2TV on November 24.

Here is Everything to Know About this Upcoming Campus Drama


As mentioned above, the initial plan was to make a drama based on the novel Oh, My Men!. But the production team decided to come up with a new story to create a complete series. And, the new drama will follow a group of ambitious youngsters who entered a specialized school instead of going to a college. This educational institute is known to guide young students in pursuing their goals.

In this school, the students will be forced to grow up in an intense environment in which they will challenge themselves. While delving into love and friendship, they will also learn the difference between what they like and what they are good at.

School 2021
A poster of KBS drama School 2021. Twitter/KBS Drama


In this campus drama, WEi member Yo Han will portray a struggling and hardworking student named Gong Ki Joon. He will work and study simultaneously to get his dream job. Ki Joon will get his dream job after learning about love and friendship on campus. He will also meet a transfer student named Jung Young Joo in the specialized school. The character will be portrayed by actor Police University actor Chu Young Woo. This character will have a past connection with Ki Joon. He will also have a hidden story.

Young Woo and Yo Han will be joined by Hospital Playlist actress Cho Yi Hyun and The World of My 17 actress Hwang Bo Reum Byeol. Yi Hyun will portray an 18-year-old confident and ambitious student named Jin Ji Won, while Reum Byeol will play the role of a high school student who is preparing for the college entrance exam. Her character's name is Kang Seo Young. Both the female leads are ambitious, and they have unwavering dreams.

Other cast members of the drama are Kim Kang Min as optimistic energizer Ji Ho Sung, Seo Hee Sun as idol trainee Go Eun Bi, veteran actor Park In Hwan as Ki Joon's grandfather Gong Young Soo, Kim Kang Min as Ji Ho Sung, Jung Min Seo as Lee Ha Eun, Lee Hyo Joo as Jung Ye Seo, and Cho Tae Ri as Park Ga Ryul.

Airdate, Spoilers, and Streaming Details

School 2021 will premiere on KBS2TV at 9.30 pm KST on November 24. K-drama fans from around the globe, including the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, can watch the mini-series with subtitles on Viki. People in South Korea can tune in to KBS to watch the drama or stream it on the official website of the broadcasting channel.

The concerns faced by students are diverse, and many, from conflicts over higher education, not having a definitive dream, or hiding problems that they can't tell other people about. Jin Ji Won and Jung Young Joo will both showcase the struggles of young people who are colliding with reality, so please give their story a lot of support and empathy, the production team stated.

Although [the drama] is set in a vocational high school, we plan to show that the characters' concerns aren't that different from those of ordinary 18-year-old students. With this relatability as a foundation, we also plan to bring viewers new and refreshing entertainment by depicting the unique struggles experienced only by vocational high school students, so please look forward to it, they added.