The King's Affection Episode 12 Recap, Episode 13 Spoilers, and Streaming Details

The King's Affection episode 12 aired on KBS2TV Tuesday at 9.30 pm KST. The chapter focused on the dethroning of Crown Prince Lee Hwi. It was a sad moment for everybody in the palace. When Lee Hwi quietly walked out of the palace with her staff, people struggled to hold back their tears. Surprisingly, Lee Hwi might not have to stay out of the palace for long. If the promo for chapter 13 is to be considered, he could become the next King on November 22.

It is safe to assume that Left State Councilor Han Ki-Jae will probably not let go of his power so easily. He will do everything to bring Lee Hwi back to the palace. When the dethroned Prince was about to leave, Ki Jae held a secret meeting with his loyal servant. He urged Jung Seok Jo to bring back Lee Hwi to the palace when he asked him to do so. But King Hyejong already knew about the councilor's evil intentions, and he had taken precautions for it. The only way for the councilor to bring back Lee Hwi could be to eliminate the King. Will the King bid adieu to all on Monday?

The followers of this K-drama will get to know more about it in chapter 13. The promo video for Monday shared tidbits of details. Before discussing it, here is a quick recap of the latest episode.

The King's Affection Episode 12 Recap

All the speculations about Crown Prince's dethronement were wrong. The King did not decide to send Lee Hwi out of the palace because of her real identity. He knew about it when the Crown Prince was 10 years old. The King was trying to protect his child. He wanted to give her a chance to live the life she always wanted to live. He was not happy to send her away to a faraway place. But he was left with no options.

The King's Affection
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After announcing the dethronement of Lee Hwi, the King had an emotional conversation with his daughter. He confessed his mistakes and asked her to stay safe. Before leaving the palace forever, Lee Hwi met his stepbrother and wished him good luck. He also met Royal Tutor Jung Ji Un in their secret meeting place. Lee Hwi requested his lover to stay away from him and enjoy his life. But Ji Un followed her on her way to the new place.

On his way, a group of men attacked Lee Hwi and took him away. Later, Yoon Hyeong Seol informed Lee Hwi that he was following the King's order. Though Lee Hwi went to a safe place, Seok Jo was searching for him everywhere. At last, he found out the whereabouts of Lee Hwi and tried to take her back to the palace. With the help of The Ji Un, Lee Hwi managed to escape from the hands of Seok Jo. She also managed to reveal her real identity to her lover.

In the meantime, Ki Jae had an official meeting with the King. He did not just challenge the King, but he also seems to have planned something big. The tea that was offered to the King seemed poisonous. The viewers will get to know more about it on Monday.

The King's Affection Episode 13 Spoilers and Streaming Details

The promo for November 22 featured Lee Hwi back in the palace. It also featured her mourning the demise of a close relative. Is it her father? The Left State Councilor might have killed the King to stay in power. If so, then Lee Hwi will be crowned as the next King on Monday. It will be interesting to watch how she manages to maintain her romantic relationship with Ji Un after getting into power.

Watch the new chapter of this historical romantic comedy-drama on KBS2TV Monday at 9.30 pm KST. It can also be streamed online on the official website of the broadcasting channel. International K-drama fans can watch the mini-series with subtitles on Netflix.