Kingdom: Legendary War Finale: ATEEZ Announces Mingi Participated In Their Final Song 'The Real'

Here are details of newly produced songs of ATEEZ, SF9, BTOB, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, and iKON as part of the fourth round of the music show Kingdom: Legendary War.

ATEEZ has given out two very important details on their stint in the Music show Kingdom: Legendary War. To the delight of fans ATEEZ will be performing to an OT8 song. The surprising detail is that ATINS [ATEEZ fans] will get to hear Mingi's voice as the team's new song The Real was released on May 28.

The song The Real has been released as part of the fourth and final round of the show Kingdom: Legendary War. The fourth round is titled 'Who Is The King', where six teams will release their newly produced songs live on the final episode. Thus, the new songs of ATEEZ, SF9, The BOYZ, BTOB, iKON and Stray Kids will be released digitally on May 28 at 12 PM KST.

KPOP boy band ATEEZ members in one of the posters of Kingdom: Legendary War music show. Instagram

Thus ATEEZ gave a pleasant surprise to its fans by including Minigi's voice in the single. The song is said to have been recorded before Mingi went on a hiatus. However, it has been clarified that Mingi will not take part in the final performance of ATEEZ on Kingdom: Legendary War, but fans can enjoy listening to the rapper's voice in the single The Real.

"Mnet's final round new song The Real starring ATEEZ will be released on May 28, at noon on major music sites. The Real, a new song to be released in the final round, is a song recorded before Min Gi's hiatus and the song will be released in an 8-member version of ATEEZ, but the broadcast stage will be released in a 7-member version just like the Kingdom stage so far," stated KQ Entertainment, ATEEZ's agency.

Mingi Hiatus

Without any prior notice, Mingi had announced that he was going to stop all his activities in November 2020. Currently, he continues to be a member of ATEEZ, but is on a hiatus and will not take part in any performances. The reason behind the singer taking his time off is said to be psychological anxiety.

The singer was not seen in public after he announced his hiatus until recently [May 13], when the entire group's members were seen on the Airport ready to board a flight to the Jeju Island. Fans speculated that Mingi might make a comeback. But their hopes were proved false as the singer continues to be on rest. In January 2021, KQ Entertainment, which manages ATEEZ members updated that Mingi's health was improving but also stated that he was going to continue being on hiatus.

Finale: Who Is The King?

As part of the 'Who Is The King' round, iKon released the song At Ease, The BOYZ have released The Kingdom Come, SF9 has released The Believer, Stary Kids's new song is titled Wolfgang and BTOB's song is titled Show and Prove.

With episode 9 that aired on May 27, the two-part third round of Kingdom: Legendary War [No Limit] came to an end. After the performances, the expert scores and self-evaluation scores were revealed. While SF9 ranked first overall, followed by Stray Kids, BTOB, The BOYZ, iKON and ATEEZ.

The final round will be assessed completely by the viewers and global fans. During the performances, one person can vote for only one team. Viewers in South Korea can cast their vote through message and global fans can vote through Whosfan App. The final episode of Kingdom: Legendary War will air on June 3 at 7.50 PM KST.