Kingdom: Legendary War Episode 10: Live stream, Voting, Track List; Sneak Peek at Finale preps

Here is all you need to know about how ATEEZ, Stary Kids, BTOB, The BOYZ, iKON and SF9 are preparing for the finale of 'Kingdom: Legendary War' scheduled to air at 7.50 KST on June 3.

The six teams – ATEEZ, Stary Kids, BTOB, The BOYZ, iKON and SF9 — are gearing up for the final episode of Mnet's music competition Kingdom: Legendary War. The finale [episode 10] has been titled 'who is the king' and will air on June 3 from 7.50 pm KST. The finale of Kingdom: Legendary War will be livestreamed globally from the Mnet K-pop channel. Those who have missed previous episodes can watch it on free streaming website Rakuten Viki.

The six teams will perform singles that were released digitally on May 28. Accordingly, iKON will sizzle the stage by performing At Ease, The BOYZ will perform Kingdom Come, ATEEZ will be seen singing – dancing to the single The Real. SF9 is the fourth team to perform and it has chosen the track Believer, and Stray Kids will be seen performing Wolfgang. The last performance will be given by BTOB who will sizzle the stage with their single Show and Prove.

Kingdom Legendary War
Mnet's music competition 'Kingdom Legendary War' will air its final episode on June 3. Instagram


As per rankings, after the scintillating performance of Move, SF9 has obtained the number 1 spot with 3414.352 points. Stray Kids is in the second place with 3125 points. BTOB is in the third position with 2141.204 points, The BOYZ is in the fourth place with 1851.852 points followed by iKON with 1504.630 points and ATEEZ with 462.963 points.

Voting Details

Winner of the fourth round will be completely decided by fan votes. Even streaming numbers will be considered in this round. Fans will be voting in real-time as the performances unfold. The domestic voters [in South Korea] can vote through text message and global fans can vote to Whosfan App. Here are the complete details about voting:

Finale Vocals Performance Sneak Peek

BTOB's Eunkwang, iKON's Donghyuk, SF9's Inseong, THE BOYZ's Hyunjae, Stray Kids' Seungmin, and ATEEZ's Jongho are all set to give their fans a treat by performing a special song A Boy's Diary. The preview of the show released on June 2 shows Eunkwang, Seungmin, and Jongho happy to collaborate for the second time [they had worked together as Team Mayfly's vocal unit members in the third round No Limit]. This time the vocal group is larger as SF9's Inseong, iKON's Donghyuk and The BOYZ's Hyunjae have also joined them.

Eunkwang can be seen suggesting about naming their vocal group and comes up with the name "Kingdom's Voice". Seungmin tweaks it a bit and suggests "King's Voice." As members approve this name, emcee TVXQ's Changmin comes in with snacks and tells, "You guys must have become real close. I've been waiting outside for 20 minutes."

Seungmin replies to Changmin by saying, "It must be tough for you to leave the house these days." Hyunjae and Eunkwang pester Changmin to talk about his married life and ask him, "What is it like, being married?" And "Please tell us, since we're all be married sometime too. I'm also going to get married."

This leads to some confusion as Hyunjae is seen joking, "Exclusive 'Kingdom' reveal: Eunkwang's marriage announcement." Understanding the situation, Eunkwang makes amendments to his previous sentence and says "Someday."

Voting – Giveaways

Fan groups have always supported their favourite celebrity stars and Kingdom: Legendary War is no exception. Fans of each groups [contesting in the show] have requested the audience to vote for their favourite stars and have promised lucrative giveaways.

BTOB fan groups have promised gifts including Swarovski earrings, Airpods, a Kodak camera, a Subway gift card, multiple different Starbucks sets, Baskin Robbins ice cream, pillow, among other items as giveaways for those who win the lucky draw after voting for BTOB. iKON fans have promised voters an iPad, an espresso maker, a gold bar, fried chicken, Baskin Robbins ice cream, assorted coffees, lip balm, and more.

The Boyz fans are giving away a Macbook Air laptop, a hairdryer, fried chicken, an iPad, bubble tea, an Olive Young gift card, chocolate bars among other gifts. Whereas Stray Kids fans have promised to deliver iPhone, hair curler, Nintendo Switch, pizza, bubble tea, Baskin Robbins ice cream, and more for winners of The BOYZ voting contest.