The King: Eternal Monarch Spoilers; Lee Gon to Meet Lee Lim in Episode 9

Viewers can watch this episode on Friday, May 15, at 10 pm KST.

The King: eternal Monarch episode 9 will feature the much-awaited reunion between Emperor Lee Gon and his uncle Lee Lim. The King will be meeting his uncle for the first time in the last 25 years and it is expected to be an iconic moment in the mini-series. The followers of this SBS fantasy thriller can watch this special scene on Friday, May 15, at 10 p.m. KST.

Though Lee Gon did not know that his uncle is still alive until he heard it from Prince Lee Jong In, Lee Lim has been keeping a track of his nephew with the help of his people in both the worlds. Lee Jung Jin's character also had people inside the palace to find out when the King moves in and out of the palace with or without his security guards.

But Lee Gon is still not able to find the whereabouts of his uncle. He has asked the help of Detective Jung Tae Eul and his bodyguard Jo Young. Detective Kang Shin Jae may also join them in the search for Lee Lim as it could help him in finding out why he was separated from his biological parents at a young age.

A reunion of Lee Gon and Lee Lim

The King: Eternal Monarch
Lee Lim will meet Lee Gon in The King: Eternal Monarch episode 9 SBS

New teaser images of The King: Eternal Monarch shows a reunion between Emperor Lee Gon and his uncle Lee Lim in the Kingdom of Corea. They meet at a crowded place where the King is holding a procession. In the images, Lee Min Ho can be seen furiously looking at his uncle, who was missing for the last 25 years. The photos also show Lee Lim confidently observing the King, who is riding a horse.

The production team for this mini-series revealed that Lee Min Ho and Lee Jung Jin were able to perfectly portray the rivalry between their characters in front of the camera. They also asked the viewers to watch episode 9 to find out how they respond to each other after their first meeting. The producers even revealed that the viewers will get to know more about their rivalry this week.

Kang Shin Jae confronts Lee Gon

Meanwhile, promo for The King: Eternal Monarch episode 9 will also show Detective Shin Jae confronting Lee Gon. In the video, he can be seen asking the King about his past and the reason for separating him from his biological parents. It remains to be seen how the King will help Kim Kyung Nam's character in finding the truth about his past.

Watch The King: Eternal Monarch episode 9 on SBS Friday, May 15, at 10 p.m. KST to know more about the rivalry between Lee Gon and Lee Lim as well as the complicated relationship between Shin Jae and the emperor.