The King: Eternal Monarch Spoilers; 5 Reasons to Watch Episode 13

From Luna's transformation to Lee Lim's surprise call to Kang Shin Jae, here are 5 reasons to watch The King: Eternal Monarch episode 13.

The King: Eternal Monarch will probably shift its focus from the Kingdom of Corea to the Republic of Korea in episode 13. The chapter could explain how the absence of Emperor Lee Gon and Detective Jung Tae Eul will affect their loved ones in the Republic of Korea. The episode will air on SBS Friday, May 29, at 10 p.m. KST.

Detective Kang Shin Jae and Jo Young are still not aware of Tae Eul's absence. They may try to contact her and end up meeting Luna. Lee Lim might use the opportunity to hurt his nephew by attacking the people he cares the most. Tae Eul's father Jung Do In could be a victim of Lee Gon-Lee Lim rivalry.

The promo for this week teases several interesting plot twists Lee Gon and Tae Eul. It includes a complete transformation of Luna, a surprise call from Lee Lim to Shin Jae, and an unexpected guest for Jo Eun Seop. Read on to know all the five interesting plot twists teased in The King: Eternal Monarch episode 13 teaser video.

The Transformation of Luna

One of the most wanted criminals from the Kingdom of Corea, Luna, will finally make a public appearance as Detective Tae Eul in the Republic of Korea. The promo shows her casually chatting with Do In and Shin Jae. In the promo, Do In happily chats with Luna, and Shin Jae becomes skeptical about the change in behavior of his childhood friend.

The complete transformation of Luna from a criminal to a detective may also surprise viewers. A few of the series followers, like Zeph, could find it hard to differentiate Luna from Tae Eul. "The person interrogating Lee Lim in episode 1 might be Luna, not Tae Eul," the Twitter user speculated.

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 13
Stills of Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun and others in The King: Eternal Monarch. SBS

Kang Shin Jae to Receive a Surprise Call from Lee Lim

Detective Shin Jae is yet to meet the person he is searching for, knowing his real identity. The detective accidentally met Lee Lim in episode 12, and he failed to identify him. In chapter 13, he may receive a call from a private number. That call might lead him to Lee Lim. The teaser video for this week shows Shin Jae following the instructions given to him by someone on the phone. The next scene teases a meeting between Lee Lim and the detective.

The detective is unlikely to join hands with the evil character, still it's unpredictable. Luna was also never expected to team up with Lee Lim. Now, she is calmly working for him. Shin Jae may also fall into the trap. The King: Eternal Monarch fans will have to watch episode 13 on Friday, May 29, to find out if Lee Lim will succeed in convincing Shin Jae to join his team.

The Beginning of a Rivalry Between Lee Gon and Koo Seo Ryeong

Lee Gon never paid attention to the evil moves of Prime Minister Koo Seo Ryeong. He never considered her as a rival. But the surprise meeting in episode 12 changed everything. Lee Gon now knows that Seo Ryeong went to the Republic of Korea because he saw the burn marks on her face when thunderstruck in the Kingdom of Corea.

Lee Gon will surely try to investigate the secret ganging up between Lee Lim and Seo Ryeong. It could open doors for a new rivalry. Viewers will have to watch the new episode on Friday to know the effect of the rivalry on the loved ones of Lee Gon and Tae Eul. Some of them, like Jo Eun Seop and Myung Na Ri, may become the victims of the rivalry.

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 12
Stills of The King: Eternal Monarch episode 12 SBS

Trouble for Jo Eun Seop

The promo for this week has hinted at the demise of Eun Seop. In the last episode, he was quite happy to Tae Eul in the Kingdom of Corea. He shared all his worries with her. But there was also a scene in the hospital sequence that showed a follower of Lee Lim tracking the movements of Eun Seop. Will he try to kill the innocent man?

The teaser video shows someone injecting a poisonous medicine in Eun Seop's drip. The short clip also shows someone say, "Should I tell you a secret before I die? I think I'm about to find Lee Lim's bamboo forest." The King: Eternal Monarch episode 13 could explain everything about this scene.

Romance for Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 13
Stills of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun in The King: Eternal Monarch. SBS

Lee Gon and his lover Tae Eul will possibly have several happy moments together in the new episode of this mini-series. The promo shows them spending quality time with each other in both the Kingdom of Corea and the Republic of Korea. While cuddling up, they may also think about various ways to send Lee Lim behind bars.

However, they may face some problems in their romantic relationship because of Luna. The promo features a telephonic conversation between Tae Eul and Luna. It shows Luna informing the detective that their face to face meeting may lead to the demise of one of them. Watch The King: Eternal Monarch episode 13 on May 29 at 10 p.m. KST to know about it.

This article was first published on May 25, 2020