The King: Eternal Monarch Spoilers; 4 Reasons to Watch Episode 11

From Jung Tae Eul's encounter With Lee Lim to Lee Gon's Next Meeting With His Rival, Here Are 4 Reasons to Watch The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 11

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 11 will have a lot to reveal to the viewers about Emperor Lee Gon and Detective Jung Tae Eul. In this episode, the series' followers will also get to see the next evil moves of Lee Lim and his followers. The episode will air on SBS Friday, May 22, at 10 p.m. KST.

After watching the 10th episode, the fans of this fantasy thriller are really curious to find out the fate of their favorite on-screen couple. Lee Min Ho's character was really determined to trap his rival in the Kingdom of Corea, but things turned upside down for him in a short span of time. He was attacked by the rival and his people got injured. This incident made Lee Lim very confident and he continued his evil activities.

What's Next For Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul?

The King: Eternal Monarch
Kim Go Eun as Detective Jung Tae Eul in The King: Eternal Monarch. SBS

The promo for this week does not reveal much about the King of Kingdom of Corea. It completely focussed on the detective. In the short clip, she is seen walking alone on the streets with full of blood in her hands. The video also revealed the message that Kim Go Eun's character is trying to send to her lover.

"Lee Gon, it's me Jung Tae Eul. I'm coming to the palace now. I will hurry. I'm on my way now. So look for me when you get this message," the detective can be heard saying in the promo. The teaser video has left many of the viewers confused about the future of Tae Eul. Some of them, like Nel, shared their curiosity online as the person wrote, "How am I supposed to sleep after watching episode 10 and the preview of episode 11?

Meanwhile, another follower of this SBS fantasy thriller stated, "The preview of ep 11 makes me think how did Tae-eul cross the parallel universe without Lee Gon? Did Lee Lim take her with him and was able to escape?"

A few series' followers also came up with interesting fan theories about how the detective got injured. "This is crazy. How should I wait for a week with an ending like this? Lee Gon suddenly disappeared and in the preview next week Tae Eul will search Lee Gon until she gets badly injured with full of blood in her hand," a series' follower tweeted.

The King: Eternal Monarch
Stills of SBS fantasy thriller drama The King: Eternal Monarch SBS

A Meeting Between Lee Lim and Luna

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 11 may also feature the first meeting between Luna and Lee Lim. The antagonist may offer a luxurious life and a dream-like career to the criminal from the Kingdom of Corea. But she might not accept his offer and it could provoke the evil character against Tae Eul.

As some of the fans speculated, the injuries of Kim Go Eun's character may have caused by Lee Lim or his supporters. She will probably try her best to alert Lee Gon about his rivals by leaving a message to him. It remains to be seen if the King will reach out on time to help his detective lover.

Will Lee Gon Meet Lee Lim in the Republic of Korea?

In episode 10, Lee Min Ho's character decided to get rid of his uncle in the Republic of Korea because he didn't want to see his people getting hurt anymore. He was silently preparing for a big battle in the other world. The demise of Prince Lee Jong In may have hurt the King badly, but the incident might also have made him strong.

With the help of Jo Young and Tae Eul, the King will be well prepared for his next counter with Lee Lim in the Republic of Korea. The followers of this mini-series will have to watch the upcoming episode on SBS Friday, May 22 to know more about it. The episode is likely to reveal a lot more about the rivalry between the King and his uncle.

A team-up Between Kang Shin Jae and Jo Young

The King: Eternal Monarch
South Korean actors Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun in SBS fantasy thriller drama The King: Eternal Monarch SBS

Currently, the detective from the Republic of Korea and the King's friend from the Kingdom of Corea are not in good terms. But they may team-up to help the King in his fight against Lee Lim. Kang Shin Jae now knows that Lee Lim separated him from his parents and he could do anything to find out why the evil character did that to him.

If Jo Young and Shin Jae agree to work together, it will be a great help for the King in his fight against the antagonist. It will also make detective Tae Eul very happy.