The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 14 Recap; Episode 15 Spoilers and Live Stream Details

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 14 has revealed a big secret about the powerful bamboo flute a.k.a Manpasikjeok; read on to know more.

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 14 has explained everything about the journey of Emperor Lee Gon and his uncle Lee Lim to the Republic of Korea. Chapter 15 will probably focus on the changes the King is planning to bring in to both the worlds. This episode will air on SBS Saturday, June 6, at 10 p.m. KST.

With just a week left for the finale, the fans of this fantasy thriller are desperate to know what is in store for the King and his detective lover Jung Tae Eul in the penultimate episode. The promo teased a happy ending for the onscreen couple. But will they get what they want without a fight with Lee Lim? It could be quiet impossible.

The King from the Kingdom of Corea is currently in the past because of the mysterious bamboo flute, a.k.a Manpasikjeok. Lee Gon still has one part of the flute. Currently, he is traveling through different time zones to join Tae Eul in the present. The other part of the flute is with Lee Lim, who is in the Republic of Korea executing his plans against Lee Gon.

The Power of Manpasikjeok

As the young boy said in episode 14, there could be only one possible way for the King to meet his lover in the present. He may have to get the other half of the powerful bamboo flute a.k.a Manpasikjeok from Lee Lim and join it together.

During a casual chat with Song Jeong Hye, the young boy said: "When the Manpasikjeok becomes one inside the gate, both the axes for time and space simultaneously form inside the gate. When the Manpasikjeok becomes whole, it takes you to the moment when you wish to save yourself".

The boy also informed Jeong Hye that Lee Gon is after the Manpasikjeok to protect the people in both the worlds. But Lee Lim is just thinking of himself. So, it remains to be seen who will win this battle at the end.

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 15
A still from The King: Eternal Monarch episode 14. SBS

A Secret Team-up Between Luna and Kim Soo Ryeong

Meanwhile, The King: Eternal Monarch episode 14 also revealed that Luna and Prime Minister Kim Soo Ryeong are also after the Manpasikjeok. Just like Lee Lim, they want to use it for their benefits. Both the ladies are good at doing anything to get what they want. They already know almost everything about the bamboo flute, and they will surely try to get a hold of it.

The promo for episode 15 hinted at a secret team-up between the Prime Minister and the criminal from the Kingdom of Corea. But the ladies are currently in two different worlds. Seo Ryeon is in the Kingdom of Corea, and Luna is in the Republic of Korea. How will they meet each other without the help of Lee Gon or Lee Lim? The followers of this fantasy thriller will have to watch the upcoming episode on SBS Saturday at 10 p.m. KST to know more about it.

The King: Eternal Monarch episode 15
The King: Eternal Monarch fans may get to see new team-ups in episode 15. SBS

What to Expect in The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 15 and How to Watch it Online?

The penultimate episode of this mini-series may take its viewers through a roller-coaster of events. It will focus on the fight between Lee Gon and Lee Lim. It will also feature the struggles of Tae Eul, Jo Yeong, Jo Eun Seop, and Kang Shin Jae while they try to help the King in his fight for justice. In this chapter, Jeong Hye and Myung Na Ri may also have more significant roles to play.

SBS will air a new episode of this fantasy thriller on Saturday, June 6, at 10 p.m. KST. The chapter will also be available on the official website of SBS. Non-Korean speaking fans can watch the show with subtitles on Netflix.