King Corbin speaks about The Undertaker's influence on him

King Corbin speaks about The Undertaker's influence on him

The Undertaker is a legend, who has inspired many wrestlers from his age as well as younger men in the locker room. Recently, Kane had spoken about how the Deadman played a significant role in his career. Now, yet another star from the WWE has spoken about his influence on him.

King Corbin
King Corbin speaks about the Deadman. WWE

King Corbin, in an interview with Kansas City Chiefs website Chiefs Wire, has opened up on The Undertaker's impact on him. "Undertaker is someone I looked up to for his physicality and the mentality, so he's a guy I grab onto every time he's around, and he seems very willing to help," Chiefswire quotes Corbin as saying.

He adds, "And not a lot of guys want to give out secrets, but he helps in how I think about putting things together, and he's really played a significant role helping me find success and fame."

Not The Undertaker alone, The Lone Wolf, whose original name is Tom Pestock, speaks about the Triple H's influence on him. According to him, the The Cerebral Assassin has always been for him. "(Triple H) has been hands-on with me since day one, and he's always interested in what I'm doing and how I'm doing and how I can evolve, so those guys have played major roles in helping me grow," he added.

He is now aiming to win a WWE Championship after winning all other stripes in WWE.

Meanwhile, there are rumours of The Undertaker getting into the ring in forthcoming Royal Rumble at the Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, on 26 January.