Rain and Kim Tae Hee
Rain and Kim Tae Hee will be tying the knot this February. Pinterest

Kim Tae Hee and Rain who got married earlier this year had a very secretive marriage and it was not only kept a secret from fans and media, but also from their near and dear ones. Reporter Jo Kwang Young has now revealed how the wedding guests were informed about the wedding at the last-minute.

Young said: "A fun fact about their wedding is that Kim Tae Hee and Rain revealed the location of their wedding the day it was happening. They also sent out wedding invitations only 3 days in advance."

The announcement of their wedding was done just two days before their marriage. Reporters who were looking forward to cover the wedding were pretty confused by this announcement as they did not release the details of the wedding, such as the venue or the time.

In fact, the wedding was a small one and reportedly didn't cost more than $1,000.

Kim Tae Hee recently revealed how it feels like to be married, to stay with the in-laws and when are they planning to have a baby. She said: "My father-in-law is so nice to me. (Rain and I) are planning to stay with his family until we get our own place."

Though the newlywed couple is not expecting yet, but Kim Tae Hee certainly wishes to have a baby soon. The actress explained: "I honestly wish (the pregnancy rumors) were true, but they're not."