Lee Min-ho
Actor Lee Min-ho. instagram.com/leeminho__87

The City Hunter actor broke Cosmopolitan Korea records by being featured on the cover of the 200th issue of the women's fashion magazine. For the first time in the history of Cosmopolitan magazine, a male celebrity graced the cover of the magazine all alone. Previously, men have been paired with a female models or actresses but never a male star graced the cover alone.

The 29-year-old actor became a trendsetter and his dreamy look during the entire photo shoot was breathtaking. He looked like a runaway model wearing the latest trends in the most appealing way, making every man wish to have the same in their wardrobe, this upcoming spring season.

He graced in dark jackets and slacks, along with light-colored shirts with different designs on them.

According to AllKpop, in the interview with the magazine, he talked about his recent drama and said, "It's accurate to say my real self is the combination of various characters. According to my mood, I fool around, and sometimes I get more mature than my age. Because I do have a playful side, I was able to act that out naturally by bringing it out"

However, the entertainment career of the actor will be on hold for a little while, as he's expected to enlist in the military sometime this year.

In other news, Min Ho's girlfriend Suzy was recently in Milan to check out the Fendi 2017 Fall/Winter collection. While she was there, she also had a photoshoot with 'InStyle'.

During the interview, the actress stated, "Acting is always hard. I think every time I finish a drama, I go through growing pains. I think I'm enjoying the pain that makes me mature more. I've been running with just my goal in sight, but now it's more important to me to find happiness in the everyday, simple things by looking around me.