Kim Se Jung–EXO Sehun Relationship: Actress Reveals The Truth, Responds to Malicious Comments

Former Gugudan member Kim Se Jung and EXO's Sehun filmed together for variety show Busted. Here is the truth behind Kpop stars' relationship status.

Former Gugudan member and actress Kim Se Jung has been receiving malicious comments on her social media after rumors of her being in a relationship with EXO's Sehun started doing the rounds. Kim and Sehun filmed for the Netflix show Busted! that led to these rumors. Here is what the actress has to say.

Kim took to Instagram live broadcast to address the issue. She answered the questions of her fans regarding her relationship with Sehun. She assured to her fans that they do not have to worry. She said that even though her chemistry with Sehun is good, they have not contacted each other outside the filming schedule.

Kim Se Jung Sehun
Former Gugudan member, actress Kim Se Jung has issued clarification about rumors of her relationship with EXO's Sehun. Instagram

The Truth Busted!

"This was something I wasn't sure whether I should talk about or not. My fans don't have to worry. I admit that we get along well on the filming set and we have good chemistry on the show, but I've never contacted [Sehun] outside of the set. Any contact we've had has been through Busted! filming. There is nothing going on whatsoever, so please don't worry," the actress clarified.

But as the damage had been done and not only Kim but her parents' social media accounts were also being bombarded with malicious comments when the rumor broke out, she addressed this issue too. "I didn't think I would be getting so many DMs about this. People even leave comments about it on my parents' SNS accounts. I was worried about bringing it up at all, but please do not worry, and I would like it if you would please stop leaving bad comments."

Kim and Sehun were comfortable with each other while shooting for the variety show Busted!. Oh Se Hun, popularly known as Sehun, has been a cast member of Busted show since 2018. Currently, neither Kim Se Jung nor Sehun is dating anyone.

Sehun - Jisoo Relationship Rumors

However, it can be noted that a week ago, there were rumors of BLACKPINK's Jisoo dating EXO's Sehun after a TikTok video started making rounds in social media. Netizens who made the claims stated that Dispatch had revealed that Jisoo and Sehun were in a relationship. Those who shared the news on Twitter even attached a link to their post.

But it was fake news as the link was redirected to Dispatch report on Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin's relationship. Even the Tiktok video was said to be doctored and had nothing to do with Jisoo or Sehun.

Meanwhile, the season 3 of Netflix original show Busted! starring Kim Se Jung and EXO's Sehun is all set for worldwide premier on January 22.

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