Kim Sae Ron Quits Romantic Drama 'Dear M' After Filming Starts; Will No Jeong Replace Her?

Differences of opinions led to actress Kim Sae Ron and production house of drama Dear M end the contract after filming began

Actress Kim Sae Ron has quit the Korean drama Dear M after filming started. The reason for cancelling the contract is known to be differences of opinion. KBS2's new romantic youth series Dear M is currently in search of a new female lead.

The production house of Dear M broke off prior arrangements made with Kim due to differences in opinions between the actress and the project team, claimed reports. The production house is said to have told her that it will support the actress in her future activities, anyway.

Kim Sae Ron
Kim Sae Ron has backed out if Dear M project. Instagram

Reacting to the same, Kim's agency Gold Medalist also stated that even they have decided to end the contract as they could not come to a consensus with the team. The agency also said that Kim wished for the success of the drama and that she is currently looking at new offers.

Dear M is a story of a search for a mysterious person named "M" who writes intriguing posts on the community board of Seoyeon University's website. The characters mentioned by "M" in the anonymous articles begin seeing each other in a romantic light that turns the university upside down.

Dear M Spin Off of Love Playlist Web Series

It is a spin-off off web series Love Playlist that has seen four seasons since 2017. The web series aired on Naver TV and V Live. Kim Sae Ron played the role of cheering squad member and Economics student Seo Ji Min. So, she was a natural choice for the lead role in Dear M to act opposite Bae Hyun Sung, who was her love interest in the web series too.

Reports claim that actress No Jeong Eui of 18 Again fame is being approached for Kim's role in Dear M. Park Hye Su of Saimdang, Memoir of Colors, NCT's Jaehyun also play major roles in the drama. With filming already begun and schedule set, the production house is likely to zero in on the actress in a day or two.

Streaming Details

Dear M is expected to be on air in the first half of 2021. The drama is written by Lee Seul who had penned for the web-series Love Playlist for three seasons. The series is being directed by Park Jin Woo and Seo Joo Wan.

On the other hand, Kim Sae Ron has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. She started as a child actress in 2011. She was seen playing the younger versions of the female protagonists in Can You Hear My Heart, Fashion King. As a teen actress she bagged the first lead role in drama Hi! School – Love On in 2014. She has also acted in dramas Secret Healer and Leverage. Mystery-crime drama Nobody Knows is her latest stint.

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