Kim Jung Hyun Reveals Reasons Behind His Silence Over Blames; Agency Close to Closing Down?

'Mr Queen' actor Kim Jung Hyun's legal representatives said that the actor will take strict action against O&Entertainment.

Actor Kim Jung Hyun, who was silent over the claims of alleged gaslighting by his ex-girlfriend Seo Ye Ji and his poor behavior in the sets of drama Time, has decided to speak out. The Mr Queen actor has blamed his agency O&Entertainment for handling things badly and affecting his fame in the entertainment industry. Here is what Kim Jung Hyun has to say.

The actor waited for this to react on the issue because his contract with his agency O&Entertainment has come to an end and he is no more a part of the agency as of May 12, 12 PM KST. Though he tried to settle things with his agency on peaceful terms, the situation grew out of hand and it led to a dirty fight between the actor and the agency.

Kim Jung Hyun
Kim Jung Hyun poses for a BAZAAR Shoot. Instagram

Kim Jung Hyun released a statement in this regard and said: "The agency continued to display behavior which made Kim Jung Hyun question its trustworthiness and clarity. We have finally concluded that the agency has no intention of coming to any form of settlement, and so we intend to debunk the lies and recover Kim Jung Hyun's damaged character."

Agency's False Claims

Kim Jung Hyun became silent after apologizing to the entire team of Time drama including lead actress Girl's Generation's Seohyun. Giving explanation to his silence on the issue, the actor has said that that he felt responsible for his failure to fulfil his duties as the leading actor of the drama 'Time' and that is why he tendered his apology. But he made it clear that over time, the agency growingly put forward false claims related to these events.

"Prior to his casting in 'Time', Kim Jung Hyun was suffering from severe health issues. On the day of the press conference, Kim Jung Hyun's condition was severe to the point that he experienced vomiting on the day of the event. However, the agency forced the press conference on him despite his health problems," stated Kim Jung Hyun's statement.

Speaking about the current condition of the agency, the actor said that the agency was in financial crisis. He said that it is almost in the stages of closing down. "Short of protecting its own artists, the agency has recorded financial deficits every year and is in the final stages of closing down due to lack of business funds."

Legal representatives of Kim Jung Hyun also said that agency defamed the actor's image by turning to the media to create a controversy surrounding the actor's exclusive contract issues. His legal side clarified that the actor has decided to take strict legal action against O&Entertainment.